2024/04/14th – Why the pause ?

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1 – It seems this ‘terror’ attack in Sydney will be the start of more false flags to divide us and enforce Digital ID

2a – Pascal Najadi – Trump – why the pause

This marks the end of the thousands of years Oppression from the NAZI*jew-Khazarian Regime and the End of the illegal State of Israel. This is the beginning of showtime of the current ongoing covert U.S. led Global Defense War 50 USC 1550.
All entities, banks, supras, politicians, parliaments, corporations, rogue judges, pedo criminals and rogue individuals will be captured and swiftly executed under current active EO 13818.  pnajadi@spaceforce.center

2b – Russia destroys CRITICAL Kyiv infrastructure, End of war In sight?

Sources say that Russian forces have destroyed The Trypilska plant, which is the largest supplier of electricity for the Kyiv, Cherkasy, and Zhytomyr regions. According to Independent.UK: The Trypilska plant, which was the biggest energy supplier for the Kyiv, Cherkasy, and Zhytomyr regions, was struck numerous times, destroying the transformer, turbines, and generators and leaving the plant ablaze.

As the first drone approached, workers hid in a shelter, saving their lives, said Andrii Gota, chairman of the supervisory board of the state company that runs the plant, Centrenergo. This almost ensures that Ukraine is done, and the end of the war is in sight—though it does not 100% guarantee it.

Deadly Moscow terror attack was clearly carried out with the help of Ukraine and the CIA

Russia just captured the power plant that is responsible for providing energy to the country’s capital region, while the Russian army is mere miles from Kyiv. Multiple videos of the strikes from citizen journalists are currently circulating online:

2c – The Collapse has begun in USA (and here)


2d – 26 Barges uncontrolled down Ohio River

Planes, Trains and Shipping Vessels — What Comes Next?

A marina in Pittsburgh sustained extensive damage after 26 barges, most of which were loaded with dry cargo, broke loose late Friday night and floated uncontrolled down the Ohio River, according to authorities. Two Pittsburgh-area bridges about 2.5 miles apart were closed after the barges broke free. The McKees Rocks Bridge was shut down out of “an abundance of caution,” McKees Rocks police said shortly after midnight. “They may or may not come into contact with sub-structure but we are not willing to take the risk,” police said of the barges. The West End Bridge was also closed in both directions and rail traffic was shut down on the rail bridge to Brunot Island, according to Pittsburgh city officials.

No hazardous materials were on board the barges, according to the city. Of the 26 loose barges, 23 were loaded and carrying dry cargo, including coal, according to the news release. Eleven of the barges were located and pinned against the river bank by Brunot Island, according to a news release from the City of Pittsburgh. They were being held by a tugboat. Meanwhile, 14 continued down the river and six have gone over the Emsworth Dam, the city said. While there have been no reports of people injured, Peggy’s Harbor – a family owned and operated full service marina located on the Ohio River – was damaged, the release said. It’s unclear exactly what the damage to the marina looks like.

3a – Smartass phones in your head by 2030?

Unfortunately most smartass addicts practically have them occupying and controlling them already

3b – Alert : Synthetic Red Blood Cells in People


4a – Did Zimbabwe just get liberated ?

Title deeds to land being given out to humanity, along with trust funds set up for the people

4b – QFS timeline

5 – The Digital ID Jail they want for us all

First – a quote from John Locke  “Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the rights of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience, and are left to the common refuge which God hath provided for all men against force and violence.”

We all Cry For Freedom, What is Freedom? Please Give some thought to this question.

Here are 3 videos, why not shake the tree a bit and forward this out to your complete email list, that would be interesting. Send them to some in Parliament Of Gove Co.

Video 1 Digital Jail Pt 1 https://rumble.com/v4pd1nx-digital-jail-pt-1.html?mref=mray7&mc=biy74

Video 2 Digital Jail Pt 2 https://rumble.com/v4pd6g9-digital-jail-pt-2.html?mref=mray7&mc=biy74

Video 3  Have We Hit The Bottom Of The Bucket https://rumble.com/v4pdbfl-have-we-hit-the-bottom-of-the-bucket.html?mref=mray7&mc=biy74

6 – More News pics for ye who don’t like to read

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