2024/04/15th – Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel attack examined

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1a – Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel attack examined

Hmmm the video has been removed fortunately I saved this one

When the news came out, it was clear that the attacker’s knife initially failed to expose the blade. He kept beating him with the handle because it wouldn’t open. And Yes, I call it a miracle and divine protection.

2b – Two children arrested after machete brawl in Melbourne shopping centre

Another blast of knife terror has hit Australia after teens brawled with a machete and “edged weapons” at a suburban shopping centre on Monday.


2c – 40,000 Australian children 

Doing the job of all pastor/teachers Eph 5.11

2d – 6 million children enslaved 

2e – The Cost of fetal body parts

3 – The Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel doing a preacher/teacher’s job

4a – Iran’s Attack on Israel: What They’re NOT Telling You!


4b – Estimated 13 – 17 million deaths from the COVID vaccine

4c – NY Times admits Hunter’s laptop is real

5 – Boeing Engineer – found dead after this

6a – Trump April 16 – Now we know the numbers

This is why the DS judges are trying to stop him campaigning. The ‘Stormy’ Daniels case is election interference 13848 and now serves as trigger to surface the STORM. Maybe now you start to relax and enjoy what’s coming next, very soon. Patience and Time are the best two warriors of current Military War Operations 50 USC 1550. No Fear, all is running per plan and Fu&@ the NAZI Swiss 🇨🇭 Mainstream media, they are shit scared now and try to maintain their lies, fake news, about the epic Stormy case in New York. In other words, they will be deleted and join NAZI Pedo Criminal Klaus Schwab, very soon.⚡️ The U.S. Military is in charge and we make the news now, we are at war and we command this war.

6b – Klaus Schwab in hospital, may be dead

WEF Klaus Schwab executed by our U.S. Military Justice System for Crimes 13818, Treason against the United States 🇺🇸 18 USC 2381 during wartime current ongoing 50 USC 1550.

7a – Pascal Najadi – April 15 the surfacing – 50 USC 1550, EO 13818 #STORM

To all stupid ignorant Swiss Compatriots still sitting on their couch:You idiots still wait for the Headline News from corrupt Bilderberg Blick, NZZ, Tamedia et al who sponsored a Global Covid Military Grade BioWeapon injection into your bodies and your own children. Notice: You’re not only stupid but you forgot that we changed the rules. We are at war and we command it. Because we will execute all editors, media shareholders and journalists that are all linked to 13818.Keep in mind, during wartime NAZI media is our declared enemy during wartime. We make the rules and we execute the media next. This is Non-Negotiable, 50 USC 1550 is unstoppable, look at Israel.  Ringier, NZZ, Tamedia?  No escape and they are shit scared right now. Welcome to war defending our divine Human Species. The STORM is now surfacing worldwide and they are all in a dead-end situation for their crimes.  Surrender?  Naaa, to late babes⚡️
Soon you will see many Swiss Nazi Politicians, Judges, Bankers, CEOs, Satanic Freemasons, Pedophiles and a long list of other rogues from the Swiss Territory on your colour TV. Forgot to tell you, we arrested Democider Klaus Schwab in Cologny, he is in a Dimension far off ours. Our Delta Forces did the Ops, Switzerland 🇨🇭 is under the control of our U.S. 🇺🇸Military Command. Welcome to a real deadly wartime 50 USC 1550 and 13818, 18 USC 2381. WEF Obliterated and all linked to it, Bang Bang, now and worldwide

7b – The 34 Satanic Sites to go

1. Arc of Baal

2. Augusta Germany Castle

3. Biltmore Hotel

4. Buckingham Palace

5. CERN Switzerland

6. Bohemian Grove

7. Comet Pizza

8. Denver International Airport

9. Epstein Island

10. Georgia Guidestones (done July 6 2022)

11. Hoover Dam

12. La Louvre in France

13. London Bank 1

14. London Bank 2

15. London Bridge London

16. London Bridge Lake Havasu City, AZ

17. Northern Castle

18. Notre Dame Cathedral in France

19. Opera House in Sydney

20. Pentagon

21. Playboy Mansion

22. Statue Of Liberty

23. Stonehenge

24. Tesla Building

25. The Getty Museum

26. The Queens Hunting Lodge

27. The Vatican

28. Three Gorges Dam

29. U.S. Capital

30. Victoria’s Secret Mansion

31. Washington Monument

32. White House 1

33. White House 2

34. Windsor Tower

Interesting that Parliament House Canberra and PIne Gap are not listed


8 – Chinese changing their roofs to blue – what do they know ?

9 – Nikola Tesla – A Machine To End War

Tesla said, his machine would bring an end to war. Yeshua said, ingenious mankind would arrive at a point where if two nations should attack each other with their advanced weapons, they would soon destroy each other to the last man. The kings and their generals would soon realise this and rather live in peace and friendship. Page 260. Tesla said, robots would soon carry out the work that was performed by humans at that time. Yeshua  said, men would build excessively large and magnificent cities wherein, as a result of excessive greed, instead of human hands, thousands of ingenious machines made from iron, will be doing the work. Page 262. Nikola Tesla Full pdf article from Liberty Magazine


10 – Tennessee Governor signs climate engineering ban into law

11 – Windows just did what ??    Windows 11

Please watch this and the 2 videos on the right


Let’s pray and hope the doesn’t happen before Nesara/Gesara takes over

12 – QFS – the train has left the station

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