2024/04/17th – Fauci gets caught

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1a – Fauci gets caught


1b – The Tennessee Climate control trap


1c – New University graduate prepares for war

No doubt any enemy will be terrified ?

2a – This is the Sydney Bishop who was stabbed. Listen to his remarks on America.

2b – Trump after 1st day of hush money trial

2c – Message from Trump 16 April

No doubt they will try to jail him – that will surely be the last straw before he retaliates

2c – The Tucker Carlson Interview with Telegram creator Pavel Durov

Durov talks about the pressure tactics the US government has used against him, including sending FBI agents to his home. 

Watch the full interview at https://TuckerCarlson.com.

Telegram Creator on Elon Musk, Resisting FBI Attacks, and Getting Mugged in California

3a – And it was a surprise attack ?

3b – A bank with no cash – ANZ

3c – Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci threatened with jail

Woolworths boss Brad Banducci has been threatened with a six-month prison sentence and a fine for failing to answer questions at a Senate inquiry over the supermarket’s profits. Banducci was asked repeatedly during a hearing into supermarket prices to disclose  Woolworths’ return on equity, a key measure of the company’s profitability. Instead, the chief executive declined to answer the questions, focusing on the company’s  return on investment.


4a – Is it mapping or chemtrails? U.K.13 April

4b – Dubai used cloud seeding to make it rain, and it won’t stop

5 – Vietnam Dong Rate Sharply Changing


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