2024/04/19th – Pascal – It is all under control

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Intro – This guy nails it


1a – Pascal Najadi – Swiss Territory is under our 🇺🇸control 50 USC 1550 – STORM – Pray this is true

1b – Russia joins war against Israel – WW3 warms up – This is a scripted event


1c – Trump Triumphs in Harlem, Incredible Crowds


2a – Protest in Japan supporting Pres Trump


2b – Trump’s top secret 60k military – SG Anon


2c – The Bishop attack was planned

2d – The Uranium Hoax

3a – Senator Heffernan – The Documents that Malcolm Roberts claims doesn’t exist – huh ? 


3b – Malcolm Roberts protecting pedophiles and lying through his back teeth


4a – Flooding in the Desert –  Includes cloud seeding info 

4b – Cloud seeding DISASTER EXPOSED killing dozens, Edward Snowden SLAMS congress


The next 3 articles 5a,5b and 5c show just how desperate bankers are. A Bank is a corporation ie, a corpse (dead) orating (speaking). Bankers (people) make the decisions, and they know their days of exploiting us all with their fiat money and interest, will be over when QFS begins

However – The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recently released a report indicating that ATM cash withdrawals in Australia have been on the rise. In February 2024, Australians made 30,859,700 ATM cash withdrawals, which is a 3.6% increase compared to February 2023. The total value of these monthly withdrawals amounted to $9.5 billion, with an average withdrawal amount of $308. Interestingly, this average withdrawal has risen from $292 a year ago. 

Despite the rapid adoption of digital payment methods, cash usage remains stable. RBA data shows that cash withdrawals consistently number around one million per day for the past two years. This data contradicts the notion that people no longer want access to physical currency, which some banks have used as an excuse for closing branches and ATMs. 

While digital payments have surged, the resilience of cash usage suggests that a completely cashless society may not be imminent. Privacy, security, and infrastructure risks associated with digital transactions also underscore the importance of maintaining access to physical currency12. So, it seems we haven’t quite reached the point of a cashless Australia yet!

5a – The dark side of Australia’s cashless society


5b – The END of ATMs in Australia? Thousands of cash machines are removed across the country as banks go digital


5c – Aussies say NO to cashless: Reserve Bank reveals ATM use on rise


6 – The Future Is Now: How MED BEDS Are Transforming Medical Care Worldwide!


7 – A compilation FYI

8 – Why do men Lie ?

9 – The Big Call With Bruce 18/4/2024


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