2024/04/20th – Pascal: Coming ready or not   Prepare or ignore

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1a – It’s over – They’re all coming out  

1b – Why are US highways being closed ?   

1c – Why would Trump risk everything ?

2a – Blackout Soon, but your Lights, Internet will go dark anytime from today. 

Yes, you can blame it on us indeed, but this is for your protection.

And, NO, we don’t have a Customer Care Helpline, but we care 100% more for you than the now deleted Swiss NAZI Israel Cabal financing Governments who wanted to murder you all with their Covid PsyOp and global military grade BioWeapon Covid injections ever did.

2b – The fake eclipse 

Now we can tell you. Yes, it’s true, we have produced this artificial Solar Eclipse because the Sun and Moon were in reality in the Sign of Pisces on April 8th 2024 and moving in parallel. Fact, go and check on any free of charge Astro app. If we at the Space Force have this wrath of Power, which is evident now after you saw this fake eclipse where we put glitches in there on purpose so you can see them, then it instils pure Fear into all Zionist NAZIS of the Swiss 🇨🇭 Government’s, all evil beings and all linked rogues in Switzerland and beyond. Because we also control the CERN and we are about to totally Obliterate this installation as well. Go figure what we now do with all remaining NAZIS, Jewish Zionists, Cabal, Freemasons, Bankers, Maltese Cross Members, Judges, CEOs list is long.

3a – The best is yet to come

3b – JFK is Q and Alive

Now you know it.  With lots of Light and best regards from JFK jr. who is also Q, all are well. Enjoy your God blessed weekend and watch the #STORM arresting all evil beings in front of your eyes, Cabal MSM and Journalists included.  Special showtime exterminating the NAZI Swiss Government and all linked rogues on the Swiss Territory. Hey, Freemasons, you can’t run, we track all and everything in the Swiss 🇨🇭 Territory in real time. 

4 – The Windsors – NAZI Jews

Exterminated, all of them. Lady Diana is well, alive and kicking, my Commander-In-Chief and Current Wartime President of the United States 🇺🇸, Donald J. Trump saved her Life.


5 – Defence War – Operation STORM

The Musical to our multiple Beyond Biblical Retribution – Deleting NAZI Switzerland 🇨🇭- Surfaced #STORM – 50 USC 1550 WWG1WGA #SemperSupra

6a – Russia’s Insane projects that make America look ancient

This is what can be done with a proper money system as was used to build the Nullabor Railway  in Australia – debt free and Interest free


6b – Richness

7 – HAARP in action world wide … but not for long

8 – Everyday that passes – less people believe this nonsenseoutside at minus 270°c in a vacuum ??

How Do You Fool the Entire Earth? You Fake Reality Itself. Project Blue Beam, a clandestine operation concocted by the dark forces within the Pentagon and NASA, aims to manipulate and subjugate the masses through a web of deceit and technological tyranny.

The Cabal is still bleating this ↓↓

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