2024/04/21st – Still trying to figure it all out ?

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1 – Who has experienced this ?

I had a friend call me and she told me that a court order was issued to her in Nov 2023 to pay several thousand $$ for not following the ridiculous COVID-19 mandates.  She obviously ‘agreed’ to pay (or threatened with jail time!), hence she made arrangements to pay NSW Revenue via an automated monthly ‘payment plan’.  However, since Nov 2023 there has been no money deducted from her bank account from them…?  Although she is certainly not complaining, the question is “why”?  Has NSW Revenue suddenly had a change of heart?  The lady doubts this very much, so what else is going on here?  Therefore, the reason for this post is that she would like to know if this is an isolated case or has anybody else had this happen to them?  We would appreciate your feedback, thank you. 


2 – Great News – A win – LED street light court case against council. LEDs must be removed.


3 – Twitter and Google Censorship – Mike Yeadon has been scrubbed from the internet


4 – BIDEN’S “visit to Philadelphia was scripted – down to the cashiers “tip”

5a – Weathermen panic – People are waking up


5b – The Fake solar eclipse – how it was done

6 – PM of Hungary – No migration, no gender, no war


7 – The UK Govt killed babies


Children Harvested for Adrenochrome

8 – Why is Chanel building smart guillotines ?

This is Altyan Childs – ex Free Mason

This is Altyan Childs – ex Free Mason – see more from him on https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/world-events/30-freemasons-altiyan-childs-paul-knights-david-straight/

9 – Chimera Human Animal Hybrids, Genetic Engineering, Super Soldier Clones. Demons in Human


10a – South Australia Flinders University Disgrace

The universities are bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical mafia. Yes 100% he said that  all professorships, degrees are totally meaningless. Many of us knew that from the beginning,  it’s all BS. We do not need some degree to be able to heal ourselves or others, we just need  knowledge and research.


10b – When to disobey Bad Laws. Tim Dwyer


11 – You need a forklift to shift $1 Trillion

12 – The Pyramids – not what we think ?

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