2024/04/22nd – Are White Hats real ?

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1 – Are the White Hats real ?

2a – NATO Didn’t See It Coming: Russian Saboteurs Attacked Military Plants In BRITAIN and The U.S.


2b – Hawley exposes Biden HHS Officer re Child trafficking USA

3 – This is Cecilia, at Collaroy Beach, Sydney.

Cecilia had 5 injections. She can no longer speak, swallow or walk. “She doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.” Repost and help the world see the truth. Forest of the Fallen.

4a – Satan Is The Head of The Church – Mar Mari Emmanuel

We don’t need PREACHERS, we need Christian TEACHERS like him in the pulpits instead of the actors in Church of Inertia


4b – Stay away from this kind of music


4c – Mar Mari Emmanuel’s thoughts on Trump


5 – A Massive financial collapse is coming that will destroy everyone’s assets, warns Paul Craig Roberts


6a – ‘White elephant’: Credlin slams government’s $1 billion solar panel investment


6b – Australian Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has endorsed Labor’s censorship power grab.

Pathetic – and people believe he is on our side Remember he is an ex-cop


All truth will come from NSW police ??

Disturbing reports that @eSafetyOffice has started monitoring and gathering data on Australians that are critical of them (including associated family members). This does not really come as a surprise as the eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant was on television in June 2023 saying she wants Twitter to hand over lists of Australian Twitter Blue subscribers that may have previously been suspended on Twitter.

7 – News in pics for ye who don’t like to read

8 – Apparently Mars has a litter problem

9 – Med Beds – from the Sky Princess

No documentation, but some clues to know – Play @ 1.25 or 1.5


10 – Why is it that when archaeologists find human remains…

… they can determine whether they’re male or female but none of the other dozen genders?  How is it that the government can’t control petrol prices…but the weather is something they can fix?  Why are we told to lower Air Conditioner usage on hot days to prevent overwhelming the electric grid while simultaneously being told to trade in petrol cars for electric vehicles?  Why is cancelling student debt a good idea?  Does it make sense to reward people who do not honour their financial commitment by taxing people who do? Why is talking sexually in the workplace considered sexual harassment to adults…but talking about sexuality to children Grade 3 at school considered education?  If your electric car runs out of power on the motorway, do you walk to a charging station to get a bucket of electricity? 

Why are we running out of money for Medicare and not for welfare?  Mice die in mouse traps because they do not understand why the cheese is free.  Just like socialism.  The most powerful governments on earth can’t stop a virus from spreading…but say they can change the earth’s temperature if you pay more tax.  If you don’t want to stand for the National Anthem, perhaps you should give your legs to a veteran who lost his.  That way a real man can stand in your place.

11 – Barbara O’Neill – Celtic Salt

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