2024/04/23rd – Is Truth Social Media good or bad ?

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Just in –

USA Mon. 22 April: Internet cables have been cut from AT&T in multiple states and this is causing AT&T outages and airports to be affected. Flights have been delayed and law enforcement are warning this was a “deliberate” attack on us critical infrastructure.

1a – Julie Inman-Grant to censor your social media

Even a pic showing no sea level change in 100 years at Fort Denison in Sydney will be banned. Why ? it contradicts the global warming nonsense

1b – Albo – the biggest peddler of fake news

2a – News in pics for ye who don’t like to read

2b – Misinformation laws – Sky news

There are some good people in Parliament that will defend your right to free speech. They need your support though because this is going to be a big battle.

2c – The White Rabbit – Digital ID has already failed in Australia


3a – WEF Whistle blower has Q freak out on air

Sure hope this is true


3b – Epstein Sting Operation


3c – Flight to Gitmo after arrests

It's Game Over for all of them, with special Military Cleansing Ops carried and still being carried out covertly - NAZIS and their linked rogue individuals were already and will get executed. 

3d – Four Victorians already arrested in global raids on cybercrime syndicate

3e – Kendall exposes how she was born into human trafficking for child sex slavery and rituals for some of the most rich and powerful.

4 – Riccardo Bosi – Role In The Australia Region 

5 – Putin rushed to Kremlin for emergency meeting over NATO


6 – Trump hush money trial – what a joke

Bragg’s case against Trump centres on his accusation that Trump conspired to affect the 2016 election by paying hush money to Stormy Daniels which kept negative information from coming out about Trump.  Trump lawyers will make sure that all this comes out as evidence: 

1.  the payment was made in 2017 after the 2016 election according to the records. 

2.  then Hillary Clinton was guilty of conspiring to affect the 2016 election by paying for the Steele Dossier and James Comey was also for using that Steele Dossier to obtain illegal FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

3.  the DoJ already refused to indict Trump for this, so why is a state AG, Bragg, doing it? 

4.  then all those 51 intelligence officers who signed the letter that the Hunter Laptop was Russian disinformation committed the same crime in 2020.

5.  Stormy signed a letter that she never had an affair with Trump.  Therefore, she used extortion, a threat to disrupt the campaign, to get paid $130,000.

7a – Taiwan –180 earthquakes in 24 hours


7b – China is Sinking – 270 Million People are in danger.


8 – More pic news

9 – The developer of the Mark of the Beast

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