2024/04/23rd – What can I do about it?

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1a – What can I do about it ?

As far as the attempt to censor our freedom of expression (equivalent to the USA First Amendment, which Labor claims Australians don’t have) Copy + save this image as … on your real computer and print to hand it to every politician you can, or take it to their office – Note the words – ANY MEDIA REGARDLESS….

Article 30. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or   person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

1b – Andrew Bolt – the hypocrisy of the “eSafety” csar in Australia


2 – Be wary of what you believe

1.  TRUST nothing…. BELIEVE nothing…. VERIFY everything.

2.  We had a clue that something huge was going on.

EXHIBIT:  (13Apr2024) Military Mobilizes Behind President Trump

3.  Facts on Pascal Najadi:

EXHIBIT:  (Wikipedia) 

BornAugust 20, 1967 (age 56) Lucerne, Switzerland
OccupationsInvestment banker investor philanthropist producer writer

 Pascal Najadi (born August 20, 1967) is a retired Swiss investment banker, film maker, author, and the son of Hussain Najadi. He currently works as a peace and bitcoin activist.[1] He is best known for producing movies like Grounding – The Last Days of Swissair (in 2006).[2] He also produced Rebel News (2015), and National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) (2023).[3] He sued Swiss president Alain Berset for allegedly abusing his office and making false statements on Swiss television regarding COVID-19.[4][5]

Pascal says Elon Musk is gone – on recent items on this site he says we will all see the Gito executions on an 8 hrs video broadcast soon

And he calls for all WEF members to be arrested

3a – Peace Through Strength says Trump


3b – Why Did Trump Stand With Mike Johnson?

4 – Jews prepare to slaughter red heifers to fulfill prophecy

5 – Vic Police win case over forced vaxx

Police officers who were reprimanded and disciplined for refusing to take the COVID-19 jab have won a case in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

The conclusion states:

73 The plaintiff’s failure to receive any dose of COVID-19 vaccine by 16 August 2022 did not constitute a breach of the VPM. Consequently, the DIO did not have power to reprimand the plaintiff for a breach of discipline. Further, the plaintiff was denied procedural fairness. First, the Charge did not provide the plaintiff with adequate notice of the alleged breach of the VPM. Second, the DIO failed to disclose to the plaintiff issues which were critical to the decision to find the Charge proven. In light of these findings it is unnecessary to address the other grounds upon which the plaintiff challenges the DIO’s decision to find the Charge proven and to reprimand him.
74 The Court shall order that the decision of the defendant made 9 December 2022 finding the Charge of failing to comply with the Chief Commissioner’s instructions proven and reprimanding him pursuant to s 132(1)(a) of the Victoria Police Act 2013 be quashed. I shall provide the parties with an opportunity to make submissions as to the cost of the proceeding. My provisional view is that the defendant should pay plaintiff’s costs on a standard basis, to be taxed in default of agreement. (all emphasis in these 2 paragraphs added)

Just when I thought the entire justice system was complicit and corrupt, a decision like this one is made!  This is huge news – which is why it apparently hasn’t been covered by the presstitutes in the MSM. Congratulations Simon P Shearer and his legal team. I believe though he is the only one named, there are many other officers and employees involved in this case. I hope it costs the already bankrupt State of Victoria a fortune to compensate these people. Enough so that when the next plandemic comes around, they will think twice about doing this again.

6 – Riccardo Bosi’s ANZAC day message – 2024.


7a – The first Prison City for 30,000 slaves


7b – NASA is the largest consumer of Helium

For their sataloons – Got to keep all those things up in the air! They got the curvature Fish Eye lens the wrong way too 

8a – What if the News told the truth

8b – They made up our history (his story)  

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