2024/04/25th – Democrats Want Donald Trump Killed in jail

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1a – Democrats want Trump killed in jail

The entire Trump Trials are a Reality Show to entertain the ignorant slaves of the “United States Government concentration camp” while the Earth Alliance performs Operation Storm to remove the wicked?

FACT:  Q laid out the movie POSTERS for us long ago… He warned us about what was coming.

6.  Do you know the difference between these two ideas:  (1) God is in control… and …. (2) God is in charge?

FACT:   With the first phrase, it leaves out Man’s ability to choose his destiny. Man is a robot.

FACT:  With the second phrase, it allows Man to choose, and then God ‘recalibrates’ his own plans.

Jonah 3:10 – When God saw their deeds, that they turned from their wicked way, then God relented concerning the calamity which He had declared He would bring upon them. And He did not do it.

Amos 7:3 – The Lord changed His mind about this. “It shall not be,” said the Lord.

Amos 7:6 – The Lord changed His mind about this. “This too shall not be,” said the Lord God.

1b – Latest from Pascal Najadi

Pascal is man who is dying! Why would he be telling lies?

During the EBS every major media channel on the Earth will be taken over by the Alliance to broadcast documentaries for ten days on all channels. The final three days will reveal suppressed Patents etc


1d – Re-enter General Michael Flynn

2a – 4/24/2024 – New UN? – First arrest verifies action

Trump: “I turned Trump Tower into the new United Nations.” Trump is still CIC. Proof of this is that he is still meeting with world leaders while he is in New York battling his scam trials. Start at 3.15 play @1.25


2b – Trump made a mistake – or did he ?

listen to Col Douglas MacGregor


3a – Senator Alex Antic challenges Australia Post

At the last Senate Estimates hearings, I asked Australia Post how their Diversity and Inclusion policy assists with their objective of delivering mail. They took my question on notice and have now provided me with a response indicating that it does not help them deliver mail on time at all.

3b – Muslims marching in Sydney – a worry ?

3c – Legal victory for Australian frontline workers

Queensland supreme court ruled jab order UNLAWFUL

4a – Australian Parliament psychopath – threatens to JAIL Elon Musk

Just a part of this long video – watch all if you want (below)

Senator for Tasmania since 2014. Jackie Lambie aged 48 net worth $1.5 million ( a good saver eh?)


4b – Australia Grand Jury Indictments and Verdicts


4c – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Add this to Article 19 when you print Article 19 see Item 1a last night

Article 30. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

PS stock up on band aids I’m told they are putting mRna or nanocrap in them as they contact open wounds. The informant from America so current stock in Aus probably ok.

5a – Australia: Acres of prime agricultural land – are paved over by millions of solar panels.

5b – Bishop Speaks again after Attack


6 – Taiwan – 2 minutes later: Powerful earthquake Hualien


7 – 9/11 Medic Kevin McPadden

8 – RV report from Sky – sounds promising ?

9 – Divorce can be not nice …. most times

10 – News in pics

11a – More about McDonalds closing

All McDonalds Across the World Ordered Closed after FBI Discovered they had been serving human meat. The closures also involved Cemex, Heinz, TerraMar’s Red Ruby Rings, Red Shoes and Keystone Foods, all used for disposing of dead bodies. Find all the McDonalds Restaurants shutdown since Covid. Use New York City, Kuta Bali, Victoria, South Australia as a Starting Point. Find all the Processed Meat Factories across the World that got Rona’d: Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Pasties & any other processed meats. Start with Greggs. FBI finds remains of many people at McDonalds meat supplier: 
The Khazarians are the ones behind Mcdonalds. Now go find the TerraMar Project. The Submarine Operation Epstein/Maxwell group. That is where they collect the Jewels off the bottom of the Ocean. All those Children Tortured, Raped, Murdered & Eaten getting ground up & put inside the Jewels. See Those Red Jewel Rings they wear & The Red Shoe Club. That's right Children's Remains. See Cemex & Heinz too.
Australia closes 76 venues:  A dozen McDonald’s across Victoria: 
UK 33 sites:  Indonesia: McDonalds to close hundreds of locations in Walmart stores: Times Square’s Glitzy, Four-Story McDonald’s Is Shutting Down After 17 Years. McDonald’s suffers cyberattack in US, South Korea and Taiwan: 
Woolworths, Coles and McDonald’s are exposed to Covid putting thousands of customers on alert:  McDonald’s UK restaurants run out of milkshakes – BBC News  Federal Trade Commission investigating why McDonald’s McFlurry machines are always broken  Some Meat Processing Plants Shutdown Due To COVID-19 Cases: 
Linked To Italian-Style Meats, CDC Says:  Dangerous’ chemicals found in 80% of McDonald’s, Burger King & Pizza Hut meals:  Media mogul Byron Allen sends open letter calling for McDonald’s president/CEO’s resignation: 

11b – Israel’s Top 50 Christian Allies – Top traitor pastors

Most are not True Israel and some look like their joo bloodline and the rest are mixed and not of the true ten tribes. These promote the Biblical Enemy of true Israel!


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