2024/04/27th – Just a few while we wait daily for tomorrow

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1 – The Shot that goes all over our Earth now

This is long with much material you have already seen – Play at 1.25 speed and fast forward where and when you need


2 – The Electric Car HOAX 

3 – Transgender cops in Canada ?

4 – Climate Change guru$ and their “$cientist$” prediction$

To those journalists who claim to be fearless seekers of the truth. Putting aside the specific issue of the terrorist incident at the Sydney church, surely you can can see that allowing an unelected official to censor the internet is seriously wrong in a democracy? Helpful hint – go and read 1984 & Animal Farm again. Because its happening right now in Australia. And then, instead of being cheerleaders for the Government, you actually do your job and show some professional scepticism.

5 – The Firmament – Waters Above?


6 – Past Present and Future

A refresher for ye who have possibly never seen this presentation I made way back in 1986 as to my understanding of the world and how things were, and still are today


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