2024/04/28th – We are connected now 

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God is not in control (otherwise we all would be robots) God is in charge and he adjusts accordingly the way things happen

1a – We are connected now 

WWG1WGA and yes this is him, received his greetings last night. President John F. Kennedy JFK is alive and pretty cool. More soon,

1b – Manchurian Candidate + Dogs in War

1c – 900 Bankers dragged from secret meetings to GITMO

About 900 bankers, the titans of our financial cosmos, were congregating, presumably to conclude what has been one of the most significant assemblies this year. The goal? To initiate the RV (Revaluation of Currency), a pivotal shift in global economic dynamics that promises to recalibrate wealth distribution and herald an era of unprecedented financial equity. Yet, here we are, still waiting, pawns in a game we barely comprehend. Just as the moment seemed ripe for change, it appears that NESARA—a set of proposed economic reforms advocating for fairness and transparency in governance—was on the brink of being implemented. However, it was abruptly halted by the banking elites, who, fearing the loss of their control and influence, conspired to prevent this transformative policy from taking effect.



2a – Zionist jews who have changed their names  

2b – Planet lockdown – documentary 2020 

2c – April Solar Eclipse was man made

3a – Died Suddenly

First Major World Politician Apologizes To the Unvaccinated: ‘You Were Right, We Were Wrong’ Danielle Smith, the premier of Alberta, Canada, is the first major elected politician in the world to issue a heartfelt apology to the unvaccinated for crimes perpetrated against their human rights by the government during Covid lockdowns. Is it possible some of the last round of flu shots were mRNA technology? 19 year old dies immediately following the Flu shot. Brain swelling, coma, death- All within 24 hours- Doctors are “baffled

3b – No shall escape

Every member of Parliament in Australia was served the Stop immediately order for these bio weapons titled vaccines, each to their own email address, so the actions they take in regards to their response to a Global a Federal order will be watched very closely from this day forward, and when it comes to their trials the Documents and links they were served will be bought forward, as will the records of their actions or lack thereof to stopping this poison, as there is more than sufficient evidence to action an immediate holt of these shots, so for them to do nothing about what has been served on them will show their affiliation with this Globalist Genocidal depopulation plan, and under international Global Federal and Military Laws, the penalty for this is Death… This time around no one escapes.

3c – Is this a MASSIVE win against WHO Pandemic Treaty?


4a – The Truth of Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Prediction


4b – Is Trump getting bad advice ?

In a shocking statement just released by Trump he declared he would rather take Biden over RFK jr and referred to his views on vaccines as fake This begs the question why Trump refuses to acknowledge the disaster that is the Covid shot. Especially given that he was tweeting about the link between vaccines and autism in 2014. Tom Renz who is a Trump supporter believes it is because his campaign leader is Susan Wyles. A powerful behind the scenes player who has significant ties to Big Pharma. She also works for a company known as Mercury LLC which represents Pfizer, Gilead, GAVI and the UN Foundation.

5 – A sickening pedo  caught on camera

6a – Tent cities in Australia 

6b – Australian PM’s censorship campaign – has turned him into a ‘massive international joke’


6c – Pinkenba Brisbane

7 – When Men Fight Back


8 – Bill Schnoebelen – ex Mason – perversions


9 – “Fallen Angels” they don’t want you to know about


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