2024/04/29th – 460 covid criminals executed by firing squad

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1a – Putin Mass Executes COVID-19 Criminals


1b – Marines ambush FEMA brigands in Nebraska

1c – Imminent Global Shift: Trump’s Meeting with Aso (Japan financial) at Trump Tower Hints at GESARA and QFS Rollout ?


1d – Japan fights back against pandemic treaty and deadly shots

2a – UK Treasury Sec (Rothschild Agent) is asked – What are CBDCs for ? … utter BS answer

2b – The Capitulation Tour


3a – Local govt wins ‘biggest idiots of all’ prize

Albo and Penny Wong have been referred to the ICC for funding Genocide – so if we pay any taxes or rates we are in company with their War crimes. … AND – Australia considers legislating against ‘Online Abuse of Public Figures’. The Labor government has opened a public consultation on the Online Safety Act to ‘keep Australians safe.’

3b – Australia is changing, street by street

Politicians are courting Islamic voters who show scarce regard for Australian values, says Fred Pawle. In other countries, this has already led to violent upheaval that is impossible to suppress. Were we asked if we wanted this?


3c – Head of WA’s Child Protection in prison

3d – Australian Man-made Clouds

4 – NASA whistle blower – confirms the eclipse was faked


5 – Britain’s oldest (2,000 year old) church

is being desecrated and attacked, they’re EMPTYING THE CHURCHES

Occupied Globalist-Feminists


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