2024/05/01st – 24 hrs is a long time?

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1 – Today, both Trump and Pascal have tweeted – “24 hours (with no other words)

Pascal Najadi There was expected to be an announcement that JFK Jr. was not only alive, but working in the Q Movement as the USA Republic Vice President under Donald Trump.

People have to realise that dates come and go ~ this is event driven NOT date driven. Unfortunately, there is A LOT of misinformation spread from so called truthers – some of which make money from the movement and other agendas of deep state misinformation (psyops). This is why we have to be very discerning with information!

Annette writes – Hi Larry Today about 11 am, there was a huge Q in the sky over Toowoomba. Couldn’t get a photo.  Sorry.  Unmistakeable!

2a – Trump’s got the dirt on them all

2b – Electrified sign – for anti-Trumpers

3 – AI is more dangerous than you think

4a – Senator Alex Anticthe eSafety commission 

Censorship only serves the ruling elite, never the people.

4b – Tanya Plibersek – Protecting our community is not censorship.

Try to figure out what this leftie is saying

5 – Putin Just Did What No One Else On Earth Would Do – Seizes assets from largest US bank

6a – Sent to prison for creating an invention

Dennis Lee was sent to prison for creating an invention that provides free off grid energy The government doesn’t want you self-sufficient. They thrive on your dependence. Most people wouldn’t last a few months during a grid failure. 3 days no water, 3 weeks no food.

6b – Eva Vlaardingerbroek: on Migration


7a – Trusts beware – The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican Since 1306


7b – 10 dangerous New Age items to remove from your home


7c – This chemist is done for –

8a – The damning proof that viruses do not exist


8b – Behold the electric car

9 – U.S. Gov. Now Using the Freemason Child Tracking ID Program to Get Children’s DNA


10 – Joy in Zimbabwe’s largest daily newspaper



11 – The World owes Him an apology..

Item 2 on https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/forgotten-history/10-adolph-hitler-the-untold-true-story/

12 – The Lost Art of Stone Softening


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