2024/05/16th – The King Charles painting

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1 – Hugo talks about King Charles painting


2a – Now we know why they tried to assassinate the Prime Minister of Slovakia.

2b – Putin is trying to save the world

2c – US & Philippine forces thwart invasion 

3a – Iran Planning Something Big? Call For ‘Destruction Of Cancerous Tumour Israel’


3b – Controlled Opposition PRO ‘Virus’ Gatekeeper ‘The Voice’ still pushing ‘Viruses’!


4a – The Financial Incentive To Murder And Poison American Children

In an April 16th interview with Polly Tommey, Dr. Paul Thomas, explained how the American medical establishment incentivizes pediatricians to fully vaccinate their young patients, and fines them if they don’t. Vaccinations that have been proven to cause more death and harm than the diseases they are said to be preventing.

“Well, as other practices started kicking people out of their practices if they weren't following the CDC schedule, I was getting more and more families who didn't want to do any vaccines. Which was fine with me. So we took an entire month of every single billing sheet. And on every visit, on the back of that, our providers would mark off what vaccines we recommend according to the CDC schedule. Families could decline them. And then our billing department, insurance company by insurance company, vaccine by vaccine, we looked at how much money was being lost for vaccines that were refused, just the admin fee.
So there's three main ways you make money off of vaccines in pediatrics. The number one is the admin fee. And you get about, it depends on the insurance company, every contract's different, but I would average it out to say about $40 for the first antigen and $20 for each subsequent antigen. So let's just say a two month well baby visit. There’s a DPT. That's three shots, three antigens. Hib, Prevnar, HepB, Polio, Rotavirus, six shots, eight antigens, about $240. Thank you for giving those shots. Multiply that by the fact that I was getting 30 to 40 newborns per month. They're coming in repeatedly at two months, four months, six months, nine months, twelve months, fifteen, eighteen months, and age two. So we looked at the admin fee loss and from my practice that was billing at that time, about 3 million gross, we were losing a million dollars, over a million dollars, in vaccines that were refused. So you cannot stay in business if you're not giving, pretty close to the CDC schedule. It just doesn't pencil out economically at all.
But let me tell you about the other two ways we make money from vaccines. One is the markup. That's,that's small. They don't allow a lot of profit on vaccines as far as markups. But they do this thing called incentives or bonuses. And it's called a “Quality Bonus.” Well in pediatrics, one of the main quality measures is how well you vaccinate. Isn't that interesting? It has nothing to do with how healthy your kids are. Like when I studied my vaxed vs unvaxed patients, the unvaxed were so incredibly healthy. They rarely got sick. They rarely would end up in an emergency room or in a hospital or with any chronic condition. So being unvaxed results in very healthy kids who don't use a lot of medical dollars. Every health system should want that. But it's reversed, it's all flipped, It's bizarre.
You're supposed to have had your kids up to date about 80% of them by age two. Guess what percentage of my population was at fully vaccinated at age two? 1%. The goal is 80%. So Doctor Paul gets an F minus. Basically what that means is not only do I not get paid the normal amount for everything else we do in the office, I get dinged maybe 10 or 15% off of those RVUs, relative value units, that are ascribed. To everything you do in medicine is given a value. If you do very well on your quality measures, you're a really good vaccinator, you may get an additional 10% on everything you do in your office. That's huge.
SIDs is sudden infant death syndrome. When you hear the word syndrome, it means we don't know what it is. We don't know what causes it. Well, we actually have a pretty good clue because there are six data sets. Studies that looked at SIDs when that infant died, relative to when they got a vaccine. In one data set, 97% were in the first ten days after the vaccine. For the six other studies, a couple of them showed that 50% of the deaths happened in the first week. But 75 to about 90% of those deaths are happening in the first week after vaccines in all these studies. We've known this for decades. The countries that have the most infant vaccines have the highest infant mortality. Guess where the US stands? We are number one in infant vaccines. We are number one in industrial countries for infant mortality.
There's a document, 450 page legal document, that has tables showing for every single disease for which we have a vaccine, there are more deaths from the vaccine than there are from the disease for which we have that vaccine.”   Dr. Paul Thomas

4b – Greg Reese: The UN agenda – 2030 plan for enforcing dis-ease virus + lockdowns


4c – The usurper rulers’ biggest FEAR — when WE THE PEOPLE come together.

5a – BRICS just announced the U.S. Dollar is about to collapse for good


5b – President Trump and Joe Biden have agreed to face off in two debates before November.

President Trump and Joe Biden have agreed to face off in two debates before November. Get your popcorn ready, but you better be prepared to eat it fast– we already know this one will be over by the first commercial break!  

Click here to see when the debates are

As President Trump said today, we know Biden “can’t put two sentences together.” Maybe Hunter will help him with some “debate prep” if you know what I mean… 

5c – Trump and Biden will debate – Megan Kelly

5d – Trump 2017 speech

5e – No fly zone over Mar a Lago ends 31 May

6a – Wyatt – opinion – warning to the world

6b – Q and Anon and Trump

6c – Where is the laptop? where is the hunter laptop and where is Epstein? White hats have it…. 

7a – PM Albo uses a shotgun to kill a canary


7b – On social media you see only what they want you to see

7c – The Australian people have spoken

8 – High school fitness in 1962

9 - The magnetic north shift 
For a better explanation  see item 4b on  https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/forgotten-history/27-lost-history-of-architecture-on-earth-erits-real-flat-earth-map-moon/

10a – Hydrogen powered garbage truck

10b – Flying cars in the near future

11 – F# tuning fork

Every cell and organ of our body has its own frequency. Moreover, everything that surrounds us including our earth also has a frequency. sounds in F# major.

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