2024/06/01st –  Tedros shows we are winning

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Be sure to watch all of item 9

1a – David Wilcock – Why the satanic elite MUST tell us what they are doing

1b – Collusion – Rico, Fani, Bragg, Deane – The tables are turning

1c – Tedros shows us we are winning – he was never vaxxed

2a – Douglas Macgregor: Iran New Power Plays – Israel defeat on battlefield, IDF suffered


2b – Remember Remember – the 5th of November

2c – Piers Morgan cut for a break as soon as Jesse started dropping truth bombs about 9/11

3a – – Neil Oliver – It will get ugly, but the enemy is going down


3b – Elon Musk Notices Something About the Trump Verdict No One Noticed


4a – Let the good times roll

Every Doctor, Nurse, Health worker, Minister who ever jabbed anyone – BEWAREYOU’RE ON THE LIST

4b – The Barbarians we have imported

4c – Calling on people to test for cancers – new methods


5a – The ongoing Albo show


5b – Where Did All the Voice Money Go?


5c – ABC slips up – oh no !!


6a – Australians Never forget this

6b – Attention property owners – how they intend to take your property


7a – Tom Cruise look-alike from Central Casting

7b – Magi Noodles ??

8a – Police using drones for 911 calls

This is a Red Pill video


8b – HAARP sound + radio waves used on water

Turning water into spikes. 

9 – Old World Order you might not be ready for


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