2024/06/02nd –  Don’t believe every news clip

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01 – Don’t believe every news clip you see

2 – What real corruption looks like

02 – The Plandemics continue: 

Covid fear porn to the max in AustraliaBruce looks like he has a normal cold

3a – If you’re still on the fence about “the movie”

If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching. This is one to have in your back pocket as more and more people begin seeing that Q is very much real. Start @ 7 min mark – Watch @ 1.5 – And yes, there WILL be a Part 2

3b – All is about to change


4a – Everyone is WRONG about Trump’s Guilty Verdict

4b – Have you noticed – Trump has changed to white SUVs

Black to White.  3/4 @ 5:54 am est.

4c – If they arrest former president Trump, it opens the door

for all past PM & presidents to be arrested. 22 min in.


Attorney reveals the ‘easiest’ way for Trump’s conviction to be reversed


5a – Albo’s Achievements

5b – Aussie Banks showing their hand with WHO

Could they be aware of QFS ready to start ?

6 – Jewish scholars say – no hard evidence of holocaust

There is neither documentary nor forensic evidence to support the related fairy tales of “6 million”  and “zee gas chambers.” But don’t take my word for it. Hear from two Jewish “Holocaust Scholars.”


7 – Are you attempting to traffic my Person ?

This is foreign insurrection


8 – Landmark court ruling orders Victorian Govt

to reveal secret documents on COVID-19 lockdown decision


9 – More on the Old World – Infant incubators in the 1800s

10a – What is the Firmament 1

10b – What is the Firmament 2

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