2024/06/03rd –How to end Gang Violence

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1 – How El Salvador fights Gang Violence – 66,000 imprisoned

2 – Kate Middleton – The signs were there, we just didn’t see

3 – Trumps Lawyers had two witnesses 

“Clarence Thomas OVERTURNS TRUMP CONVICTION Using Supreme Court Authority Over Federal Laws. Judge Merchan blocked Robert (Bob) Costello talking on the Witness Stand Judge refused Professor Bradley to be a witness. Prof. Bradley Smith was Commissioner Federal Elections. In this interview he’s talking to Mark Levin. 

Watch @ 1.25 speed


4 – Trump says he will declassify the files on 9/11, JFK, and Jeffrey Epstein if he is elected President.

5 – Tying in Executive Order 13848 with “Trials”

Derek Johnson/RattleTrap1776 – 1 June 2024

6 – Tedros thinks it is time to be more aggressive

He doesn’t like us anti-vaxxers for some reason – he has not been jabbed

7a – Exposing the “great” Australian Govt


7b – AlbaneseAustralian Labor Parody

Albo said – I wholeheartedly support the actions of Victoria Police during the Covid-19 lockdowns. I firmly believe that the protestors (including women and children) were entirely deserving of the physical consequences they faced.

7c – Aussies losing billion$ giving away our gas – Politicians finally respond – the game is up


8 – Excerpt from Bosi – top Australian Pedos

9 – Massive fire kills millions of chickens – destroying the food supply

10a – Old World Minnesota – play @ 1.25


10b – HIDDEN History Is Repeating – play @1.25 


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