2024/06/04th –Are we there yet Dad ?

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1 – Are we there yet dad ?

A common question from the back seat – and what was Dad’s reply … be patient and wait. So it is with the daily events which mostly look bad for humanity. If Trump’s finances can be scrutinised, how about every member of Congress ? Come June 11th, it is my opinion we will see GOOD or BAD things which we cannot even imagine.

2a – First the bad news – 2 parts

Fauci – how come he knew there would be a pandemic in 2017

2b – Biden Begs Americans to Respect Justice System Days After Bragging About Skirting SCOTUS Ruling


3 – Dr Reiner Fuellmich – update 28 May


4 – Zionist Nazi Connection – the creation of “Israel


5 – Sign In The Western Sky – Brisbane

At Approx. 3.58pm Tuesday 4th June, 2024, this formation was written in the western Brisbane skyline. Photo as viewed from Springwood. Can anyone interpret what it is? There appears to be a Q in the centre of it. Not sure if that is what was intended.

6a – Pascal – About infiltrators of the truth movement

6b – WWG1WGA Today

A lot of short videos, mostly from Pascal – regardless of what you think of him or believe on the various subjects, you can choose what you want


7a – Giants of Malta – ancient builders hiding underground


and 7b – Eye witnesses of live giants


8 – This guy cheats – he practices

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