2024/06/05th –  Why No One trusts the MSM

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1 – Why no one trusts the TV News

2a – The Ritual Regicide of the Romanov Dynasty

Of course – it was done by those exposed in John 8.44

2b – 3 of 12 jurors arrested

White Hats over the weekend located and arrested three of the twelve Deep State jurors who unlawfully found President Donald J. Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.



2c – Judge Jeanine & Matt Gaetz EXPOSE Merrick Garland Trump Trial Involvement!”

Brilliant, concise  explanation of the cover-ups of events. It also gives a likely outcome. An excellent overview from a different perspective.


3a – 4 Star US Navy Admiral is a Member of Order of Australia


3b – Douglas Macgregor:

Israel’s Endgame as US not sending 2,000-pound bombs – Russia’ Strategic Shifts  


4 – Restored Republic  via a GCR as of June 4


5 – World Gold Council – image only

6 – 2 huge Trump victories – Biden’s secret new order just endangered us all


7a – Dismissed Trump Juror – Stunning News


7b – Did they accidentally cut off their nose to spoil their face

without looking at the consequences. Add Hillary to the list.


8a – Australia this will get bad – you MUST so NO


8b – Video banned by Australia e-Safety commissar

8c – Why Living In Australia Is Impossible

9 – Conspiracy of silence – Pedos on History channel

10 – Angelica – A great song from 1967

11 – RV announcement from Bear Patriot

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