2024/06/07th – Getting closer ?

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Oh my, I took a night off !! Thank you to those who called. I had a normal seasonal sniffle – I am not suicidal so I did not rush out to get a so called FLU shot. A friend got jabbed and tells me he does not know the brand name and did not even read the label to see ingredients. Just 12 hours in bed with a grandma recipe of chicken soup and a dousing of Vit C is all it takes.

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1 – Anti-Cancer recipe

2a – Trump about Hydroxychloroquine and ventilators

2b – Dr. Phil Sits Down With President Trump

Sound is a bit low – turn on full volume


2c – Audience reaction

3a – Getting closer ?


3b – Hope this is true – forget the date setting – start @ 5m 20s

3c – The World Rallies To President Trump’s Defense In Aftermath Of Kangaroo Court Verdict


4a – President of El Salvador just told Tucker that MS-13 participates in Satanic child sacrifice rituals


4b – Lara Logan interview destroys the NWO


4c – Is this the threat of WW3 we are to be expecting

Putin Responds By Threatening To Attack European Cities: Are you ready For Nuclear War OR is Potin working with the White Hats to bring on the THREAT?




4d – Foreign Minister Penny Wong Announces $31,000,000 War 

And Humanitarian Aid Package For Zelensky’s Ukraine.

5a – 60 Minutes – the common fake virus


5b – Cure for Bird flu – scare tactics on the rise

6a – Fema camps intended for us

6b – Strange humanoid creature on camera

7a – Air Travel – enjoy it while you can

7b – Digital ID PASSES in Australia. This could become mandatory if we let it and we comply


8 – Exposing the Crime Century



9 – P1000 camera – removed from sale by NASA

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