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1 – Thousands of Hens to Be Culled as Flu Hits Fifth Farm


2 – Still they push the Jab – same poison new vax – different name

Major drop in South Australians vaccinating against flu amid winter hospital crisis There is an urgent plea for South Australians to roll up their sleeves as winter viruses push public hospitals to breaking point. Health experts say tens of thousands of people who normally get the flu vaccine have not been bothered this year.

3 – Dr. fired after 31 years, of not one complaint, due to asserting people with a good immune system

4 – Roger Stone Warns Desperate Democrats May Try To Assassinate Trump


5 – Gun Control warning – by a Chinese immigrant

6 – Climate Change – Dire warnings from the past

7 – Wolverine – believe when it happens

8 – The six pillars of homesteading

9 – Warning – Cloned humans from Underground bases


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