2024/06/10th – Thousands of Chinese EVs coming to Australia

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1 – Thousands of Chinese EVs coming to Australia

Can’t sell them so dump them into Australia – cheap

Has anyone ever had a friend or family member apologize for the way they treated you during the plandemic? I am also astounded by the number of people in the community who appear to be ‘loosing it’. Not only with being re-boosted, wearing masks already again. A friend tells me customers at an IGA store complaining about the raw chicken being disgustingly tasteless…(prepacked chicken from Steggles)...as if the employees at IGA have any sway over what Steggles or other companies present for public consumption. They ring and make complaints to head office if a price ticket has been dislodged…demanding it must be rectified immediately. Everyone is very edgy! & then 2 middle aged acquaintances at market fighting over products for sale on the weekend (reminiscent of the toilet roll fighting during lock downs). Verbal communication is at its worst – presumption rules, & no one is listening to words – blatantly obvious at recent public market day…. it’s like the zombies are being powered up, as they treated you during Covid?


2 – Victor Hanson warns: ‘what’s to come in 2024’

3a – And you gave you child a phone ?

3b – Internet of Bodies! What happens when humans meld together with Tech!

https://www.bitchute.com/ in recognition of his nearly three decades in politics, a career that culminated in his stewardship of WA through the COVID pandemicvideo/ItajKxGdCXUT/

3c -Transhumanism – The End Game

Don’t Take Their Vaccines | Wake Up People. “The Final Goal Is To Eradicate Humanity As We Know It.” — Laura Aboli.

4a – Ex-CDC Director : Vaccine mandates were a “Terrible Decision” 

4b – Facebook is in big trouble ?

4c – Pedophile Satanist Pope Francis Announced Near Coming of the Antichrist ! in 2019 – Huh?

5 – Rep. McClintock to Garland: “Appointing Jack Smith prosecutorial abuse and political bias?

6a – Nigel Farage on climate change – brilliant   

6b – Proposed Solar + Wind factories across Qld 

If city folk truly understood the catastrophic impact of these careless renewable energy practices, they would strongly oppose them. I’m asking all of you to share this video everywhere because this is what’s happening to our beautiful state. Plus, it is destroying pristine farm land that puts food on your table. This is not the answer, and we must halt it immediately. Please share this far and wide. If we don’t stop it, then it will left to our kids and their kids to pick up this disaster.

7a – Karen Brewer is back – Cleaning up the Treason 

7b – Public executions – the world needs to see justice


8a – Treasonous Courts and Judges of Australia


8b – Political Traitors

9a – A border 

If a submarine had sunk boats full of illegals, it would have prevented millions from facing crime, dilemma, and hardship…

9b – The World Awakens – Illegals for votes    

The first phase of chess is primarily getting your pieces in place. They have positioned their pawns (illegal migrants) all over the world.

10 – Kate Middleton is gone – never to return?


11a – Are they using a the patented Sun Stimulator


11b – Duct tape has uses you never thought

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