2024/06/11th – The veil of deception is being shredded

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1b – The veil of deception is being shredded

before our very eyes, revealing a world not as it appears but as it has been meticulously designed to be by the puppeteers of power. The global elites tremble as their empire of lies begins to crumble, piece by piece, under the relentless march of the truth brigade led by none other than Elon Musk’s Starlink, an unstoppable information. As the final countdown commences, the world braces for the shockwave of awakening that will emanate from the Emergency Broadcasting System, reaching every cellphone and every soul on Earth.

1c – Message to America from Russian people

2a – Trump Verdict: A Judicial Travesty


2b – Trump calls them out  

2c – Trump Lawyer EXPOSES Alvin BRAGG and Letitia James as “Get Trump” Puppets”


2d – Tucker Carlson exposes Biden crimes Live everywhere


3 – Are we having unusual weather for June ?

SE QldCheck out the radar – No clouds for the next week. No foggy mornings. No fly overs/chem-trailing since last week No overhead traffic since about Thursday last week – Usual fly over 11-12 pm before cloud/with/without rain the following day…they never miss. Maybe they want us to use more power – vegetation needs cold season also- no cloud will bring the frosts. I know …it must be climate change.

4 – Russell Broadbent – jab + lockdown victims

Dazelle has fought a long battle. After leukemia, she needed a double lung transplant. Denied by the medical system as she refused the covid shot. Heaven is lucky & God has gained a new angel.  Go in peace dear one

5a – COVID “Vaccines” Hit by new bombshell

It seems that the “conspiracy theorists” were right again.


5b – CDC A(H5N1) Bird Flu Response Update June 7, 2024 – Avian Influenza (Flu)


6a – Potential cancer-causing chemicals found in Australia’s tap water – 9 News Australia


6b – Chicken and Beef are the Target

When will people wake up!


6c – The BIGGEST LIE About Food


7 – He gave this interview – never seen again…

Saved here – probably will be taken downGET YOUR MIND AROUND THIS

8 – Just if you really want to rush and get yours

Victorian Digital Driver Licence now available inmyVicRoads app


9 – Miracles are still happening

10 – Wolverine Tues 11th

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