2024/5/005th  – Scams all around

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1 – The Great Barrier Reef Scam

The supplier of this item says – The Great Barrier Reef is & has always flourished. I Lived on the Great Barrier Reef 18 years.  It is a cyclic ecosystem, & very healthy. Follow the money.

2 – Parking station scams


3 – Proposed 1600Mkw Lithium Battery storage near Kilcoy.

4 – HAARP is running an experiment during the solar eclipse ??


5 – Victorian police sheep station 101 Overpaid disgusting traitors

6 – Dr. Phil Investigates Trump’s Forgotten Jury in His New York Criminal Trial – Dr. Phil Primetime


7 – This appeared on X – no author named

A purge of the second level, the lower degrees of Freemasonry, is currently taking place Klaus Schwab is gone. All globalists have been eliminated… Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos Most lawyers and judges are part of the satanic system, part of the “club” They will disappear and be replaced by military justice At least eight million people have already been removed worldwide Executions have been recorded. The current Zelensky is an actor and has already been eliminated. Doctors who injected children with the bioweapon will be eliminated. Planning this operation took seventy years. It will take some time for people to trust that things have really changed and that there is no longer any danger. Note: The military expects 3 months for the “awakened” and more than 6 months for the remaining soulful people @QFs_Global

8 – Gesara/Nesara “An Equal and Indivisible Security System”


9 – Who remembers ?

The Firmament – Waters Above . what does that mean?


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