2024/5/02nd – Alert message on X today – Item 2

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1 – The moon pic last night – follow up

2 – Alert message on X today – alert @ 12.36am … 2 May 2024

This is what it said – no text at all

“My Fellow Americans, the Storm is Upon Us ….”
Furthermore, it’s also been stated in the “Q” drops that it would happen on a specific day of the week, and guess what that day is? FRIDAY! Lastly, there is another “Q” Drop that we’ve always speculated about and it’s very succinct and to the point. It states, “DONE IN 30” “Q” It is my aggregated speculation based on what we’re seeing within this Military Operation is that we are FINALLY embarking on the beginning of the end, that Trump will be the “First arrest that shocks the world”, that the climax of the movie where the Military unseals the 100’s of thousands of indictments and while we’re all safe and sound at home under an Emergency Alert System (EAS) lockdown, our boys clean up the rest of the trash.
“Military was the only way” – “Q”

Or, Friday comes and goes, Trump pays the fine, and we continue to watch and wait while disclosure is slowly rolled out for the Normies to God knows when. I guess we’re about to find out.

Front cover of TIME magazine

3a – Australia  Withdrawing cash – have your own legitimate reasons ready

3b – Australia . coming bank bail in ??  We must trust the QFS to cut it off – meanwhile we must use CASH for everything

4a – British MP Andrew Bridgen Says 10-20 MILLION People Were KiIIed By COVID Vaccines. How do our tin foil hats look now?

4b – Champions of Europe: Voices Against Uncontrolled Immigration invasion Continues


4c – They’ve lost control of the narrative – Neil Oliver


5a – Senator Alex Antic

Starting today, the ABS have changed the way they report mortality statistics. They say: “From this publication there are changes in how provisional mortality data is presented.  Deaths will no longer be compared to a “baseline average”. The ABS now releases official Excess mortality estimates every six months. …. “ The question is …… why?

5b – VAX Pissport required

5c – Albo doesn’t want you to see this

6 – Barbara O’Neill – virtual assassination

7a – It was never about being green and saving the environment..

7b – Wind farms are not necessary.

7c – WIFI will kill you – told ya so

7d – Love your smartass phone to death

8a – 100% Proof NASA’s space travel is fake + mars missions too

Of course, one dare not mention the Father’s impenetrable Firmament or even the imagined Van Allen Belt


8b – Military knows of the demonic reptilians


9 – Latest Updates On The Zimbabwe Currency Revaluation scam (author’s opinion only)


10 – Celeste Solum – Globalists Preparing for Extreme Violence Against Dissidents? MUST WATCH @1.25 speed

Celeste Solum joins Maria Zeee to discuss alarming updates to the WHO’s ICD-10 codes which include death by beheading, bludgeoning, and several other archaic and barbaric potential methods of dealing with dissidents and especially Christians, and what this means in light of the upcoming AI takeover. But remember, these are THEIR plans and can be thwarted by 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and Eph 5.11God will raise up a man as he did with Moses, King David and St Paul – it is all up to us

Copy and paste into your URL – https://zeeemedia.com/interview/celeste-solum-globalists-preparing-for-extreme-violence-against-dissidents/

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