2024/5/03rd – Where will your QFS money come from ?

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Has anyone heard anything about the Red Heifer sacrifice in Jerusalem. Did they cancel it or did someone stop it ?

1a – Where will your QFS money come from ?

These figures are based on the amount of gold seized by the White Hats from the various tunnels world wide, the Vatican + the Bank of England etc

Apparently the under 65s will not get a lump payment – it will be spread over years so they keep working. We will always need real producers, farmers and tradesmen

An 18 year old will have at least $3,109,086 in a QFS account.

A 30 year old will have at least $5,181,810.

A 50 year old will have at least $8,636,350.

A 65 year old will have at least $11,227,255

Note: The older the person, the more interest/income/tax refund payments will go into their QFS account. NOTE – Those with exchangeable foreign currencies and a documented Humanitarian project will get much more

The above UBI level is in the US, other countries will have corresponding level This is the first UBI from selling your birth certificate from birth and the loan interest with interest on those interest rates, taxes of all kinds you have paid in the past to return to the people..

And gold confiscated 43 million billion US dollars from the Vatican vault + many other places returned to? i say $pi a lot, only pi follows Gesara progress and it was planned since the 90s to distribute but 9/11 hit Gesara server from then on the alliance planned to distribute pi by exploiting to subdivide and distribute subservers into billions of machines, 8 billion people, 8 computers and millions of pi node machines to support the Gesara + stellar + QFS system (as you know from many news is the system The new finance is transparent, fast, safe… it will never be destroyed again) where does such commitment come from? From 8 billion phones mining pi, only 1 phone is still active, the QFS Gesara system is still maintained.

No coin has achieved the security, speed, transparency and legality like pi –>iso 20022, as of May 2023, reaching 1.7 million transactions per second.  It’s worth noting that all your pi wallet addresses start with the letter “G” (Gesara). Pi is distributed according to gesara laws and the pioneers will replace the previous wealthy elite. Are you going to say that all pi miners will be millionaires and that’s absurd? No, the pioneers with a large number of batteries are only 1%.. All technology, finance, banking, commerce, investment, retail corporations… have connected to Pi and are waiting for open mainnet to agree on goods.

pi = $ 314159 after RV is the minimum and the total gold is over 300 million billion then pi is very large. ~T edit: Team, we’ve discussed your Ceste Qui Vie accounts and birth certificates here many times. We’ve also shown you many vids on this from David Lester Straight. We’ve done podcasts on Channel 203 about all this. It’s all very real. You can research it all above. Just hang on, please….

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