2024/5/04TH – The future comes only one day at a time

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1a – How many ‘presidents’ need to say NWO ?

1b – Over 60 cases of 9/11 predictive programming


2 – A cough has been detected (in 2025 ?)

3 – Albo admits – it is absurd …

4 – Why do the wealthy finance the left ?

5a – Is Earth a School or Prison? Demons, Angels and Spirit-Guides are Part of the Good Cop/Bad Cop Hoax ?


5b – Well, here is your answer from the Creator

6 – Anti-Semitism – Its A Trick : We Always Use It


7 – Civil War Has Begun . The Globalist Kill List 

8 – Vietnam Central Bank prepares to auction gold bars…

…as Buying fever rages after a decade-plus hiatus, Vietnam’s central bank will auction SJC-branded gold


9 – The Rocks were once alive  

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