2024/5/06th  – just a few items

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Just a few items ‘ços this site tells me that most of the articles last night have hardly been even clicked on or read.


I am tired of the long winded talking heads doctors telling us how bad the jab is – the doom and gloom of what the Cabal is gonna do to us all – digging up dirt on Q and Trump and much else hearsay and opinions. What man or woman does not have past mistakes they regret ? Where is your faith ? ↓ ↓

1 – A message from Yaweh

If you abide by all the laws of YHVH you are blessed by Him and have a rewarding life! If you do not follow YHVH your life is always problematic!  Look at America today, one problem after another for turning their back on YHVH. This is our last chance to make things right with YHVH before the tribulation and be saved from Armageddon and all the cataclysms that will cause lands to sink and submerged lands to rise! Be freed from the bombs, fires, storms and more,  give up your sinful ways and return to YHVH

2 – The WEF has one fear

3a – Pascal tells us who has been executed

Pascal is in a position to know this – we are promised it will be revealed in the EBS

3b – Pascal update today May 5 – on Telegram

3c – Pascal extra

a – Pascal just released military footage

b – Dr. Jan Confirms Ongoing 2023 Military Tribunals Via Navy Ships Across The World

c – In an interview with Alex Jones, Pascal Najadi states Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci were all executed at Guantanamo Bay and replaced with body doubles.

4 – DNA and marriage

Many may not like to know this – never taught in Churches ??


5 – Pictures tell a 1000 words spend 10 secs on each one

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