2024/5/09th  – AstraZeneca to Withdraw COVID Vaccine – hmm

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Message to my # 1 critic from the deep south


1 – Classified Documents at Mar a lago

2a -AstraZeneca to Withdraw COVID Vaccine world wide

“Before the vaccines, you never saw that [newscasters passing out by the dozens]. This is a smidgen of what’s going on. This is loaded. This is clinical practice right now. I have patients one after another passing out like this all the time. It is due to the vaccine.”

2b – Japan To Ban mRNA As Turbo Cancers Among Vaxxed Skyrocket


2c – Japan’s most senior cancer expert is now sounding the alarm on the mRNA injection

Every medical idiot out there should watch this.


3 – After World War II the British government

 decided to randomly drop a nuclear bomb right next to 20,000 British soldiers just to see what would happen. What a sick and vile experiment

4a – The VIDEO that got former FBI Director Ted Gunderson killed

4b – All GOP Senators Oppose WHO’s Tyrannical “Pandemic Treaty”


4c – J6 Exposed as a PsyOp [False Flag Operation]

A former FBI agent and CIA officer proudly discusses the entrapment of Americans, the targeting of Alex Jones, and the presence of 20 undercover FBI agents during the events at the Capitol on January 6th. “You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do. You set them up… We call it a nudge.”


5a – Free light bulbs ??

I couldn’t figure out why DTE (our electric company) keeps sending cases of “free” lightbulbs and offering free appliances…

5b – This is where water from the Snowy Hydro goes to evaporate away – 22.2.24


5c – Albanese doesn’t want you to know this happened


6 – The most lethal knife in the world.

Another way to bust a melon

7 – AL Gore should run for cover

8 – “Israel is FINISHED with Netanyahu” Tens of Thousands Demand He Resign Now


9 – The news is not about telling you the news. It is to get you to act in a certain way.


10 – AustraliaOne Party (A1) – The Great Awakening update with Pascal Najadi (8 May)


11a – MSNBC Calls For Trump Death –


11b – Trump Quotes Members of the Media Who Question Validity of ‘Hush Money’ Case


12 – Awakening Giants: Vietnam and Zimbabwe

forge ahead in the Global RV Movement and Redemption Center – BOOM! The Intrigue of the $100T Zim Bonds!

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