2024/5/11th  – Who runs the WHO ?

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Mothers’ Day

On this special weekend, an inspiring poem for mothers from Ruth Bell Graham, wife of Billy Graham.

Listen, Lord, a mother’s praying low and quiet: listen, please. Listen what her tears are saying, see her heart upon its knees; lift the load from her bowed shoulders till she sees and understands, You, Who hold the worlds together, hold her problems in Your hands.

from Clouds Are the Dust of His Feet by Ruth Bell Graham (1992, Crossway Books)


1a – Who really runs the WHO ?

1b – Why they resigned – compilation

Their day is coming – the hard evidence is available of what they did – they can run but can’t hide – justice is coming, even if it’s frustratingly slow.

1c – Michael Griffith – the truth is coming out

1d – Remember the Victorian lockdowns

2a – Once you understand – the rest falls into place

2b – Child slavery continues

3a – Smart dust is everywhere

3b – What is Digital ID really for ?

3c – Tim Dwyer Digital Jail


3d – Self replicating nanobots . in both the vaxxed and unvaxxed


4 – Black eyed babies – conceived after parents were jabbed


5a – Israel is last – for a reason

5b – Israelie soldiers murder an elderly deaf man

It’s been 48 days since the IDF vowed to “probe” the leaked footage of an Israeli soldier executing an elderly deaf man who had his arms up in the air begging for his life & bragging about it to other IDF soldiers who applauded him for it.

6 – Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes and Sarah Westall with INTEL on TRUMP and the REPUBLIC.


7 – Buzz Aldrin tells the interviewer …

who believes he saw the moon landing live on TV, that the live televised footage of the moon landing in 1969 was not real because: “There wasn’t anybody taking pictures. You watched animation.”

8 – They can drill the mountain in a single day!


9 – Freda Gomam

10a – Mix detergent with SALT – wow the result


11 – Your music item – hope you see the humour

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