2024/5/13th  – CBDC has been disconnected – good men are at work

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1 – CBDC has been disconnected – That means the end of the Digital ID ?

Pay attention to every word

2a – Sky News Australia – destroys the Vaccine Narrative  & Covid Insanity.

I hypothesis that now vaccine deaths & injuries are socially becoming accepted you will see millions of claimants. “if you were one of the millions of people who put this stuff in your body multiple times – you might be pissed off” Unbelievable reporting on Covid “If you aren’t vaccinated you can’t come to these venues on our road map”

2b – Vic Judge Liz Gaynor  slams police for using ‘unlawful violence’

against COVID protesters A County Court judge has found Victoria Police used unlawful and unjustified violence on anti-lockdown protestors at the height of the Covid pandemic. In a spectacular turn around, the protesters will have their charges dropped and the police could be facing charges of their own. Source: 7NEWS Australia. It was unconstitutional from the start. Health orders never superseded our constitution.

2c – Who’s paying Bruce Lehrmann’s legal bills


3 – Six Aust doctors suspended for defending their patients


4a – Battery Project Planned For Ellesmere 4610 – Follow op to Item last night


4b – Guru & Cas. 10 May, 2024 Canberra.

43 mins LOTS of Australian info!  Incl 23 stillborns each week Toowoomba hospital. Ok at 1:25 speed


4c – Albo – what a shat show


5a – Solar show in many countries

5b – Tennessee banned Geo engineering – 30 days ago..

6a – Mass Numbers of Illegal Migrants Are UN Soldiers


6b – Bohemian Grove locals won’t talk

6c – Deep State Elites Last Words at their Executions

If this is most likely true – then quite a few Aussie elites better start preparing

7a – George Carlin Exposes Trump’s Masterplan (well … sorta)

Comedian George Carlin is needed now more than ever as our country creeps closer and closer to the hellscape that he talked about decades ago. Rick Strom breaks it down  Amazingly George kept his usual foul language at bay all thru

7b – Trump is pissed off

7c – Kayleigh McEnany: This will be the end result of New York v. Trump


8a – Melania takes over mic at Trump rally, what happens next is inspiring


8b – The left should be ‘concerned’ as nearly 100,000 attend Donald Trump’s rally


9 – Speed and skill

10 – We’ve found the magic frequency – MEDBED principles

When John D Rockefeller & Andrew Carnegie partnered to make poisonous petroleum based pills to make people sick and took control of mainstream $cience & the medical FIELD in 1910 to BAN the acknowledgement of Energy in the body across all institutions, we as a species were set up to fail. Dr Royal Raymond Rife announced in the 1930s that he could destroy bacteria by blasting them with Electro-Magnetic waves oscillating at Frequencies specific to each target organism.

According to his supporters, Rife cured significant numbers of people infected with a number of common but dangerous infections, including typhoid, salmonella, influenza & other infections caused by parasitic organisms. Rife found himself under sudden & constant assault from the American Medical Association, who banned use of his beam ray to treat patients, burned down his lab & murdered his financial supporter/partner. This is his research, being reborn today.

The Frequency graphic @ the 50 sec marker is the SAME geometry as a Magnetic Field under magnetic viewing film. I wonder why that is?! To Big Pharma, your health is neither a priority, nor a right. Your health is a business, for sale to the highest bidder. The world deserves to know God’s elements of Creation Electro-Magnetically bounded in our Biology that’s being UNLAWFULLY occulted / hidden.

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