2024/5/14th  – Top Australian comrade

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1a – Comrade connections in dubious places

1b – The White Rabbit – Australian dictatorship roadmap


1c – Brutal Takedown Of Covid-Era Aust Politicians and “Experts”


2a – Pharmacy in Australia continues the not safe not effective experimental mRNA Vaccines

2b – The Pigs and the State can’t make money if the violence stops

3 – Withdrawing cash $10 – and 2 pistols

4 – Going up everywhere – These are weapons against the people – need to be removed

5 – Congress Criminalizes The New Testament


6a – Judge Jeanine: Trump knew exactly who Michael Cohen was


6b – Trump questioned about the pedo hunt

6c – Trump warns democrats want to use Bird Flu

7a – In 24 Hours EVERYTHING Changes, Putin Is Ready” – Douglas Macgregor’s Last WARNING

Note Col. MacGregor’s reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs, at approx. 10:00 mins. To connect the dots, we recommend the Rumble channels in the description.  They cover the situation in Ukraine but, also the invisible war.

7b – Q and JFK  

8a – An interesting site


8b – Undiscovered lands from Admiral Byrd -1950

Where is “beyond the pole” on a globe ? how about beyond the first ice wall ?


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