2024/5/21st – Are you having the day you deserve ?

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1a – A Bible study which may surprise you

1b – 13 month calendar from 1775 Bible

2a – First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction 

2b – Update From Stella Assange

Today in London, my family and I attended what we thought would be Julian’s final hearing on UK soil at the Royal Court of Justice. But what played out was far from what we’d expected – and became a huge win for the campaign. Julian has won the right to appeal the case to extradite him.  (Gabriel Shipton   Julian’s Brother)


3a – Donald Trump “Vindicated” 

3b – Trump-Biden agree on 2 debates

June 27 and in September, expect a great show between the Fake Biden and Donald Trump. Look closely because the Biden actor will be wearing a mask.


3c – Is this helicopter crash the false flag staged event

that will kick off WWIII ? Just watch first 4 mins.  


4a – Elites fully exposed have become raving lunatics

Well worth the 22 mins


4b – White Hats Big Attack Planned

5:45 to ~~ 19:00 minutes  – Very Informative   


5a – They were all men

5b – Red Sox pitcher and 26 others arrested for child sex crimes


5c – Afghanistan prohibits the cultivation of poppies (Opium) Big win

6a – Labor will increase immigration far beyond supply of dwellings  

6b – What is a mandate ?

Australia Officially Passes Digital ID. Labor Minister Stephen Jones starts off by saying it’s completely “optional” then slips up at the end by revealing businesses could “mandate” it.

7a – Yes doctors are killers, watch this.

Someone sick in hospital, never leave their side

 7b – Dr. Ruddy launched a multi-centre observational study 

8a – Frequencies can heal

8b – WARNING! If You See This In Your Town…. Run!

Amazon Jeff Bezos starts new schools for pre-school children FREE…..


9a – 3D printing a house

9b – Great Chicago Fire 1871


10a – Islam covers up beautiful women

10b – Get to know old people now 

11a – It’s Time For Vietnamese Dong


11b – USA banks

Judy says that banks in the USA will close on the 24th and until May 27th (Monday) they will be offline, without credit cards and without access to 24-hour banking. It will be the beginning of EAS – EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM and on Tuesday, some banks and companies will no longer open


Under the US Constitution, the US Treasury has the right to Create Money and Distribute Money for the use of the US Government. Same in Australia. Before the Federal Reserve. The US Govt. had $0 Debt. In 1913, a group of Banking families STOLE the Right To Create Money from the US Treasury. using Bribery, Blackmail and Murder.  (Some prominent rich men who opposed the forming of the Fed died on the Titanic.) The Federal Reserve Bank is Unconstitutional. The private banksters of the Federal Reserve Creates $$$Trillions out of thin air.  Loans it out to our Government, and our Government pays it back by Collecting Taxes from We, The People.

March 27, 2020 President Trump has essentially nationalized the Unconstitutional Federal Reserve, and taken back the Power to Create Money from the private banksters and returned that Power to its rightful place, the US Treasury. This is a Historic event. 106 Years of Debt Slavery. Finally the Federal Reserve has been Dismantled. This is bringing back Power To The People. The full ramifications will become more obvious as time goes on. “They will never control us again”.

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