2024/5/17th – Date setting is not wise

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Date setting is not wise

In this Item 1 report from Judy Byington, you will see many good thing emerging – however, we are in the most intense warfare ever known and NO military will reveal dates to the enemy. Every move is event driven, so watch, hurry up and wait

1a – Green Lights Lit Up The White House. Military In Position. Black Swan Sky Event ?

You can ignore the vids on the link – just read the text


1b – Space Force Flexed on Deep State showing they can and will

Shut Phones, Radio, Media Down: Project Odin, Martial Law, and the QFS

You can ignore the vids on the link – just read the text


1c – Ex-Capitol Police Officer who lied about Jan. 6

Former U.S. Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn — who lied about the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion — was trounced in the Democratic primary race for Maryland’s 3rd congressional district. Maryland state Sen. Sarah Elfreth humiliated Dunn on Tuesday, beating him by a commanding 10.6 points. Elfreth crushed Dunn, 35.4 percent to 24.8 percent, as of Wednesday morning, The Hill reported. The loudmouthed ex-cop had millions poured into his lackluster campaign, according to The Hill. He had the personal support of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But he still couldn’t cross the finish line first.

1d -Child Rapists to Face Death Penalty

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has signed into a law a bill that would see those convicted of child rape be eligible to receive the death penalty. The law, which goes into effect on July 1, authorizes the state to pursue capital punishment when an adult is convicted of the aggravated rape of a child. Those who are convicted could be sentenced to death, imprisoned for life without possibility of parole, or simply imprisoned for life.

2a – Yes the Digital ID is scary but….

Australians are much more aware than you might think… have a little faith!

2b – Cuba Banking has reportedly collapsed.

Cubans are reporting via Social Media all their money is gone from their accounts, and all Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) have been emptied. This news is being heavily suppressed but it is getting out slowly. At banks all over the country, angry mobs descended upon banks where Police tried to turn them away.  Instead, the mobs overturned Police Cars and sent the cops running. It was all for naught.  Not only were the banks closed, they were empty too.  People who got in found open vaults – they weren’t even broken into — and no cash in them at all. The Cuban people have been left with no financial resources, they have no means of buying food …they are desperate and they are afraid.

Many people are saying “This is the final destination, this is where globalism wants to lead you to the apocalypse.” Cubans were forced to adopt the digital banking system & now they are financially ruined, they have no recourse. THE GOVERNMENT WILL NEXT OFFER THE CUBAN CITIZENS UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME . . . .

Hal Turner Remarks

If they did this to Cubans, what would stop them from doing it to the rest of us? I think you should start taking some CASH out of the banks.  These Bankers are Globalists.  If they did it in Cuba, I think they’ll try it here — and everywhere else. I think they’ve done this on an island nation to get a sense of how bad the reaction will be.  If it’s manageable, I think they’ll do it to all of us.  And if government is “in on it” what could any individual do? Thankfully for individuals, when there are enough victims, individuals become large groups . . . and we know what large GROUPS of individuals can do to banks, bankers, and to governments, so keep those possibilities in mind.

3a – Chemtrails are for mind control  

3b – Operation Blue moon – Pandoras’s Box

4a – Leaked footage of a Pfizer production facility

It looks like the kitchen in a sleazy Asian restaurant ? this is from an ex-Big Pharma Exec exposing Big Pharma  http://aussie17.com christianity: http://solomonsporch.net, telegram http://t.me/aussieseventeen

4b – Doctor’s Financial incentive to murder Children (May 16)

5 – Taylor Swift FINALLY Admits she sold her soul

while hiding behind so called Christian values


6a – What is going on in Antartica ?

Admiral Byrd said – “Beyond the pole” – ??? is that beyond the first ice wall ?

6b – The height of Nephilim giants play@ 1.25


7 – Australia in the 1800s

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