2024/5/19th – Why are people still being jabbed without consent ?

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1 – Still being jabbed without consent ? Compilation

John O’Looney warns about a woman’s experience with a Tetanus injection. ⁦ @JohnOlooney They are injecting people without their knowledge or consent, people thinking they’re getting a different “vaccine.”

2 – Putin lays it out clearly

3a – Albo sleazy called out by Xi Jinping


3b – China smart cities

I believe Jinping is against these – He is fighting a DS in China too

Why the Vietnam Dong (VND) will likely RV first


Bishop Mar Man + the thief on the cross. compilation

Pascal Najadi and Derek Johnson


The Book of Jasher exposes the use of Adrenochrome


The Name of the Anti-Christ ? compilation

Destroying the past in the 1800s – why ?


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