2024/5/20th – Practical Eph 5.11

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1a – Practical Eph 5.11

1b – Follow up to above – 4 idiots

The preacher calls for a prayer list – Idiot No 1 said – pray for my 2 friends who both have Long Covid. So what is he expecting – God to perform a personal miracle and give them Short Covid ? Anyone with half a brain has been given enough evidence by now that Covid is a hoax and sickness is from the jab. What if they had Long Measles or a Long Cold ? Idiots 2 + 3 are those who got the jab. Idiot No 4 is the preacher for failing Eph 5.11 by not scolding all 3 and educating them all to not make stupid requests

2a – Inside a smartass phone battery 

2b – Turn off this iPhone setting draining your battery and data

3a – Multiple fake Bidens?

On the left is the fake Biden who “challenged” Trump to a debate last week. On the right is the fake Biden they rolled out this week.

3b – Pascal short message May 16

There seems to be a lack of any real news – understandable of course. No leaking info of plans to the DS who are really in panic mode, despite the MSM telling us they are going ahead with their agendas

3c – What is Trump telling us ?

4a – Anti-Corruption Commissioner Paul Brereton exposed


4b – Analysing King Charles climate change  speech

5 – A great crime deterrent ?

6a – Interesting Rabbit Hole – The Statue of Liberty

6b – Why do Catholics make a Sign of the Cross? 


7 – Tesla the Genius

8 – Tartaria, Russia & The Old World


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