2024/5/22nd – where the money goes from the trillions given away ..

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1a – Where the money goes from the trillions given away to ?


1b – Talmud is the Jewish Book of Hate


2 – Destroying our connection to God via jabs

3a – Resurfaced Fauci interview – the liar

3b – covid “science” from “scientists” – surprise ?


3c – Warning from Trump

4 – Where is Kate Middleton ?

5a – The case against Victorian police violence


5b – Did Ex-head of the South Australian Major Crime Department Take His Own Life?


6a – Italian TV show skit

6b – Albo freakshow censorship control

1968 prices

7 – The Return of Q ?

Note how they refer to QANON – There is Q and there is ANON – 2 separate entities

8 – Why no one went to the moon

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