2024/5/24th – You have been Warned  

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1a – Cashless and Digital ID

1b – This could get bad – if you accept it

2 – The Father’s signature and His message

3a – What Happens if Trump Is Convicted? 


3b – Ex-US attorney makes bold prediction for Trump verdict


4 – Caesars Palace perverts side with pedos


5 – What if we started tracking politicians?


6 – Can’t fool children ?

7a + 7b – These 2 tell us nothing new – watch if you want

UPDATE!! Martial Law Imminent: U.S. Military’s Massive Deployment in 360 Cities — Global Mass Arrests, Special Forces and Navy SEALs Rescue Children from Underground Bases—The Full Story!


THE EVENT – Secret Military Operation Targets 34 Strategic Locations in an Imminent Global Blackout – EBS Activation for a Biblical Event Designed to Free Humanity!



8 – RV update

💢 Here’s a helpful update… My friend has given me permission to share information with you.  Remember, she has a relative who is an MP from a Middle Eastern county and he sits on a committee that oversees the timing of the event.  5.23.24 

 💢 Anonymous Friend: Ginger, I was just informed (by a relative in the Middle East; Ginger is hiding the location for security) that there are 7,000 payers in Tier 3 who are being paid before Tier 4B distribution goes live. .  This will happen over the next 10 to 14 days.  However, in the meantime the public will be prepared for many things, such as: gold-backed USN, debt forgiveness, increases in SSI, and other benefits. Also keep in mind that the absolute back wall is the 4th of July, so a lot has to happen quickly for us to reach our day of redemption. 

Liberty Lounge Ginger

Tony, you’re absolutely right, RV is coming soon… But not yet. This is what is really happening… There is a carefully orchestrated plan in place that is being meticulously monitored. Tier #1 and Tier #2 are currently being financially hydrated When this is completed to the satisfaction of the Alliance, then and only then will Tier #3 be financially hydrated. When this is completed to the Alliance’s satisfaction, then and only then will the Tier 4 (US) Internet pool be financially hydrated. Everything is currently “on track” and progressing according to expectations. If everything continues as expected, then Level #4 should be financially on or around JUNE 15th with a July 4th back wall.

“NO” is going to happen today, tomorrow or this month. However, Tony is right. Soon it will be our time Nothing will stop this except a 911 type event Stay Positive and Anticipatory In fact, my source is part of a special committee designed for the very specific purpose of determining when the revaluation will take place. June 15 is not that far away, so be patient and wait.

9 – 20 Inventions by Nikola Tesla

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