2024/5/27th  They are at it again !

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1a – They are at it again !

I don’t think anyone is falling for this nonsense again From Aust Govt Dept of Health New Pandemic 50X More Deadly than Covid is Spreading – and similar headlines

1b – Why is Bruce Page (retired News reader) promoting the covid hogwash ?

He should use common sense and got to bed with lemon juice and grandma’s chicken soup for a few days and let his body eliminate the toxins – OR is he being paid ?

1c – Qld Govt backs down

2a – Employee Sues Hospital That Fired Her for Reporting COVID Vaccine Injuries to VAERS


2b – Remember what happens in a PCR test

2c – A reminder from 2 years ago

Print 5 — 50 copies – distribute in your area and under windscreens as you did last time in 2022

3a – Furious Malaysians unite in rage and prayer against WHO


3b – The Costa Rican opposition to WHO

Costa Rica President responds to WHO recently and says BRAVE WARRIOR Costa Rica will never give up her sovereignty to WHO. President Chaves is very anti corruption.

3c – US House passes Bill banning the Fed CBDC

3d – The Statue of Liberty

4 – Avian Flu (their) plans for the world – Theresa Tam

5a – Ecocidal Moah Creek wind farm, Central Qld – waiting for Federal approval

In about 20 years or so when these wind turbines become unserviceable, what will happen, will we invest more to get new ones keeping the government’s buddies still on the cash line, or will we have some other dumb-witted idea put in place that will still cost the country billions? They keep telling us that  it’s all for saving the planet and yet countries like China have so many coal fired electricity plants and are still building more , we have bucket loads of coal and what we use in our four coal fired plants would do absolutely bugger all to the environment. it’s all about the votes and keeping the Greens happy, piss off both and we will see change,


5b – True Causes of Coral Bleaching – Greenies wrong again


5c – Hundreds of illegal boats invade Australian waters


6a – NSW + Victorians must brace for summer blackouts

6b – Aust Land Titles stolen by government via Digital ID


7a – Photographed Something Unknown During the Eclipse


7b – NASA caught out again (actually Devon Island in Canada)

8 – You words can change physical matter   

Matthew 12:36-37 )But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, and every foul language) they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned

9 – Pascal Najadi – Full Disclosure


10 – Jordan River Has FINALLY Dried Up And Something TERRIFYING Is Happening


11 – Man in a wheel chair + Fathers and daughters sharing

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