2024/5/28th – Pandemic Treaty scrapped ☺ √

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1 – Pandemic Treaty scrapped ☺ √

2 – Pascal Najadi testimony – Canada


3 – Brendon O’Çonnell – The only way is Military + Israel doing deals

4 – Dershowitz Drops Sledgehammer on Anti-Trump Judge – 2 Words Send the Case into Chaos

This week, we discovered that the New York case against Trump was growing weaker. The star witness for prosecutors, Michael Cohen, crumbled. He was outed for having a bias against Trump and for lying under oath. He even admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from Trump. READ ALL ↓↓


5 – More on Smart Meters – just came in

Serve a proper JP’d notice on your electricity supplier telling them they cannot install


6 – Do not install Windows 11 – unless you are very clever with IT

COMPUTER ….windows 11 knows everything…..DO NOT INSTALL

7 – WEF Orders Govt’s To Burn Millions of Bees To Usher In ‘Global Famine’

My beekeeper friends met then with arms sufficient to deter them


8 – News media parrots

9 – Tartaria Old World + Radio wave sickness + Use of radium

Most interesting – old maps and hidden history and tech


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