2024/5/29th – A message to the unvaxxed

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1 – A message to the unvaxxed

2a – 100 million wildlife jabbed with mRNA

2b – 7 Million have heart disease from vax

Same in Canberra – empty house – politicians don’t wanna hear the message

2c – They are still at it

This is a message from the Australian Government about COVID-19 vaccination. The person you care for may be at risk from COVID-19. They may be due for another free booster to protect against serious illness. Contact your health provider for the latest advice about COVID-19 and vaccinations. For health information and advice, call the health direct 24 hour helpline on 1800 022 222. Do not reply by SMS

After wading through a pile of articles today, mostly having conflicting headlines such as – WHO Pandemic Treaty Fails – AND – Australia commits to WHO Global Pandemic Treaty – and hours of biased opinions about almost everything like – The QFS will be paid tomorrow – AND – The QFS is a hoax – AND Trump is a joo who wants to kill ALL Americans and the World -AND – lookie lookie all the dirt on Trump’s grandpa … bla bla … AND mostly fear tactic articles about what THEY are gonna do to us all –

Here are the only opinions I believe we can trust (my opinion only)

3a – What’s going on in this war that will end soon.

Things don't just happen. They are made to happen 

3b – A leaked article – about to be seen ?

Is this a hoax or a genuine or accidental leak ?

4 – Pascal Najadi interview 5/27: key points mentioned

💥Julian Assange is part of US Special Operations. He’s never been in prison. They hacked on the Clinton’s machine and people around them. They planned a Democide Bioweapon Military Grade.
💥Fauci was financing Wuhan Gain of Function in 2012.
💥White House has been closed since Trump left it and went to Mar-a-Lago. Call it. Nobody picks up. 
💥General Flynn risked his life in this Operation. 
💥The trap for the enemy was the Fake Biden Administration. The entire administration is Central Casting. They get paid by us. Worldwide we put them in place - the fake ones infiltrated years ago since JFK.
💥Fake News about Obama controlling Joe Biden. 
💥Deep State has been gone a long time. Do you think we would put people in harms way? (I’m guessing that meant Anons?) 
💥FAA website says the no fly zone over Mar-a-Lago ends May 31st at 23:59 seconds. On June 1st at 00:01 you can fly over there. If the no fly zone ends on May 31st, it can happen anytime.
💥There is no more fear to hide. You’re fine and can trust the local sheriff and the military.
💥There are 2 B-2 Bombers. One we Fly, One we park. They have 2 different registration plates. Both of them add up to God’s number 9. God is in charge. He is not in control, otherwise we would be robots.
💥 If you observe a crime, go to the National Guard Base to report pedophiles and Freemasons. It helps us. 
💥The Nazi timeline on Earth has been removed. Satan is gone. God is with you.
💥Our threat is not Russia, nor China, or India or Brazil. They are our partners in this war. The threat comes from the satanic demonic realm.
💥God wrote the Bible code in English NOT Hebrew. Hebrew is an Alien Scripture.
💥Peace is our Bravery. A Tribute to the Galactic Federation they helped us since Eisenhower, more JFK times constantly. They are here on Earth.
💥The Vatican was a Nationalist, Jewish, Satanist organization.
💥 The children that have been rescued are being taken care of with love and light…
(Continued inside this post)
💥The White Hats control all of MSM and Social Media via 47 US Code 606. War Powers of the President. We need censorship during War Time. Misinformation which panic the people I can’t have and I don’t allow misinformation that favours the enemy. That’s why we have censorship during war time it’s normal and protects you.
💥 Journalists misinforming the public can be charged with Treason 3089 Title 50 favouring the enemy. That means infiltrators will be tried under that. They give disinformation in the comment section and try to sell tokens. Space Force controls all signals, we have good AI. Don’t worry about those infiltrators because we know who they are. 
💥Be nice to animals, they give you love ❤️. 
💥We came from the Sea, JFK said that. When we go to the Sea we are fascinated bc that’s where we came from. 
💥The planetary system we learned is fake news - we are on a flat plane far bigger than what the flat earth maps show.
💥Beyond the ice wall is beautiful land, funny creatures for kids to see 
💥Time is fake. Darkness comes from evil artificial construct with night and day. God is light. 
💥Chemtrails were real by the Cabal. Not anymore during war time. They are spraying medicine now in the sky so it goes into our bodies and reverse everything. Med-beds are real. They will be free and we will get them soon. DON’T believe criminals who say they have them. Same for QFS, no one has access. Report those people to National Guard to Inspector General. 
💥Dentist you still tell people to use Colgate. You are criminals because  that makes gums, teeth fall out bc of toothpaste. All you need is gargle with salt and water. The plastic toothbrush is dangerous. 
💥Scare necessary event. Maybe missile in the air from Russia. We will be told to stay inside. Do not fear, this operation is for the good of Humanity. No atms, trains, planes, cars - the enemy won’t escape. Trust the military and follow the orders.

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