2024/5/31st – Trump convicted – so what next ?

Who really knows, but what happens will affect the whole world. No one has next week’s newspapers. This event certainly falls into the category of we are watching a movie. There are dozen of opinions floating around – and that’s all they are – opinions. Wait and trust that good will win for those who have accepted Divine protection under Christ. We will know at His right time.

1 – Trump guilty on 34 counts – Redacted Live.

You have to wonder how much money was passed under the table… This one makes sense


2 – Pascal Najadi Exposes More Hidden Secrets and Details on the Global War With the Deep State! #WWG1WGA. Sincerely Yours, JFK, May 29

This was yesterday before the verdict – but it spells out more of the plan


3 – JAG Convicts All 4 Colorado Supreme Court Justices of Treason

Could be true ? we will soon know ok @ 2.0 speed


End of post

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