09 – Agenda 21 Updated 2019


Today – the most active promoters of the plan are staff and councilors in your Local Council, knowingly or not – Here again are the charge sheets you can lodge against them – they are acting criminally while pretending to be authorised by some “gov’t.  If you don’t, they will continue, but having a charge over them may cause them to rethink ?

A Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 1997-2003)

B Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 2007)

Anyone can lodge a charge against a pretend Govt employee by simply doing so at the local magistrate’s court.  It is a Criminal Charge, so a magistrate cannot hear it, he must pass it up to a higher Court. After you have lodge it, you might inform the one you have charged, maybe a harassing Councillor or police who may back off ???  The charge will remain until they disprove it.   This is not legal advice, just a thought eh.

Note on top of the Charges list – they are/were an accessory to the crimes and have shared in the plunder via extortion through rates, fines and fees. Also, we don’t need them, remember that most houses were built without council interference and permits. Most town halls were built voluntarily. Who owns the town, you, the residents, or them ?

And don’t forget the Nuremberg Principles which are adopted world wide.  Principle IV. The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

When you lodge, at the local magistrate’s court, they will give you a proof of service sheet to complete once you have served the charge sheet containing the one you have named.  Their day will come – so keep your paperwork in a safe place !

For those who are interested – who is really behind it all.

Yes, many already know that the Father controls history, but we a not told to hide the pews and do nothing. We are commanded to expose evil … Eph 5.11 … and if you want to know when and how it will all end … Video 3 also on this link