11 – UFO Australia 2020

Extraordinary UFO sighting in Canada and Central Qld.

The Australian vid starts at 4.30 mins

The name UFO means it is UNIDENTIFIED – so why do you assume it contains little-green-men aliens from way out there somewhere? Remember that technology was far more advanced with the pre-flood Nephilim. UFO sightings have been recorded throughout history in ancient eye witness writings and paintings. today there is no NEW news.

UFO ancient

These crafts (machines or apparitions) land & take off on a regular basis, and it appears that these modern craft are seeking locations out of sight, out of mind. FEMA Locations already exist at Robina Qld and in old coal mines in Cessnock NSW, and probably other places, preparing for DEPOPULATION. These crafts, past and recent are created by the NEPHILIM and are on time, as we draw near to the completion of this era.