03 – Agenda 21 – disposing millions of bodies ?

This 9 min video below  is almost beyond belief.   It may give you some understanding of why so much child trafficing and pedophelia, It is much more sinister than mere sexual pleasure  

I read something a few months ago about humans being used for energy production. It is absolutely mind blowing!  Think of all the movies in the past that deal with the topics. Soylent Green being one example. They have been trying to slowly condition us to the reality. All of the zombie shows, cannibal shows and many, many obscure sci-fi movies showing us exactly what they are doing! It is grotesque.

I have no doubt that Diana knew her in-laws were devils and she paid with her life. I wonder if one of her sons will decide to turn and side with us to help bring them down. That would be pretty amazing. They both seem to genuinely love their mother. Is it enough to forsake all and avenge her death? Who knows, but miracles do happen. 

I cannot find the author of this article  –  now watch and be flabbergasted.