05 – The Kingdom of Australia

Australian history young people may not know

Still so many people clueless about the “Queens” Crown.  The Crown Queen Elizabeth II took at her coronatuon in 1953…This Crown is the St Edwards Crown, named after king Edward, aka Edward the confessor, going back to the 1100s when england was CATHOLIC.  King Edward was made a Patron Saint of the order of the Catholic Church shortly after his death.  That St Edwards Crown is CATHOLIC, it has a clear link to the Catholic church.  Queen Elizabeth II took the St Edwards Crown because the United Kingdom was in administration for war debts going back hundreds of years.  A new Realm was formed under that crown, and it became known as the crown of the united kingdom of Great Britain and northern Ireland.

The Commonwealth of Australia was formed and constituted under the imperial crown of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.  Clearly this is a different line of authority to the Imperial Crown.  Lets not forget its also of a different faith … So taking all this into consideration, and the fact queen Elizabeth II is a knight of Malta, which is also CATHOLIC and the Commonwealth of Australia is a Christian NATION it would be fair to say there is a FOREIGN crown occupying our country… Act of settlement 1900 says there can be no CATHOLIC as head of state over an Imperial Realm.   Hence why a new Realm was formed…

You wonder why the Australian Government doesn’t listen to you…

You wonder why the Australian Government doesn’t follow the laws of this country…

You wonder why the Australian Government doesn’t respect the fact you are the people of the commonwealth of Australia … But what none of you took into account is what a citizen of AUSTRALIA really is…

You all cheer at being Australian citizens and waving the blue Austalian flag…

You all forgot what it meant to be a subject of the crown… the Imperial Crown.  Citizenship goes back to Roman law, tied to it by that St Edwards Crown.

You people are no longer the people because your under the wrong crown and flying the wrong flag … By taking CITIZENSHIP you have given up your Standing as a subject of the Imperial Crown, subject to its Christian laws under God and now you are slaves to a government under a catholic Crown and their God.

red flag

1 – Duke Dedicates Shrine of Remembrance


The Federal Red Ensign is our proper flag … 6 pointed star and land dimensions of 3:2.   A sea or ADMIRALTY flag is 2:1 or 5:3 and is also UN.  Stop being ignorant … Start flying your proper flag again and honour your ANZAC that sacrificed themselves so you could have the freedom you all gave up.

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