36 – Who owns your Land and Home?

 I’m sure you have heard the expression “you should never discuss politics or religion in polite company”?  Well since I shouldn’t… today I’m going to talk about one of those and I would really appreciate it if you would stay to hear what I have to  say… I know most people couldn’t be bothered or are not interested in  politics, I’m not a fan of it either but, it is in your best interests to take note.

This is not simply my point of view and I’m sure many patriotic Australian, hard working parents, like myself, would have exactly the same point of view, but only if you payed attention to what’s happening around you and to this great country as a whole, and knew what I know to  be true and correct, which I am quite happy to “Swear to under penalty  or perjury”, which carries a two year prison sentence.

I’m sure a very large percentage of Men and Woman in this Country believes they are in “The Commonwealth of Australia” and everything is roses, yeah sure we have a few little problems but apart form that everything is just fine… Well is it?

We have an African Crime wave in Victoria, most likely Muslim, but we have to be politically correct, theirs also Middle Eastern crime gangs, Terrorists being willfully allowed into this country with multiple wives, which we support, pedophiles and Muslims breaking the law not going to  jail, police becoming more and more violent likened to their USA cousins, what else… too much to mention in a short time but these
things don’t usually make the news so it’s easy to keep the masses unaware.

We all have a different views or opinions because we get our “facts” from different sources, some will get a “Story” from the Government via News Media (Everything is ok, nothing to see here), or from a more trusted source like Eyewitness accounts with video floating around the internet contradicting the official narrative… I know which I trust

What I want to talk about comes through many hours of studying hundreds  of original lawful documents dating all the way back to and beyond the  forming of the “Commonwealth of Australia”, in 1901, and set in stone  with “The Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, 1901”.

What “The Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia” is,  is our
Constitution but more specifically a contract, and rule book, the  contract, you could say is between “Man and The Crown” “Under God”, the rules are to govern the governors, the Constitution also outlines where we get out rights and laws.

We have Act’s which have proper “Royal assent” from our proper “Crown”  and “Realm”, so they are actually laws which were agreed to by the  people on the day and they are still very much in effect to this day,  which all men and woman must obey, especially Government and police.  Some of those Laws and rights are things like…

No license needed to travel in your private property on all the public roads
You do not have to identify yourself unless you have broken a law.
No rates on land.
No taxes on the people on labour, meaning income tax.
All businesses, companies or any organisation that makes profit must pay tax on the profit.
Interest on a bank loan is unlawful.
No one can be fined before a conviction in court.
No one can go to jail before court.
A conviction can only be obtained though a jury of your peers.

The Police as they are, are unlawful, they should be separate from the
government, they should not be enforcing Government “Policy” or statutes.
Courts should be separate from the government, they should not be enforcing Government “Policy” or statutes… in fact Government has no place taking a man or woman to court period.  I could go on…

There have been many Laws and rights removed through Act’s of Parliament/Statutes going back decades, ones that you wouldn’t notice at  first, in the 70’s there were many statutes introduced that “Contradict the Law”… but the average person doesn’t read The Government Gazette,  I’m one of those, therefore the average Aussie would not have a clue if the Government was doing the right thing or not…

I can assure you all they were not doing the right thing, they still to this day are not… in fact they were and are breaking the law… the most serious of crimes within the Commonwealth of Australia, against the  people… they were changing laws left right and centre to pave the way  for a system of Government that went from Men and woman controlling the  Government of “The Commonwealth of Australia” and their children’s future, to “The Australian Government” being in control of the  “Australian Citizens”, do you honestly believe you are in control of the Government?… Don’t be a fool… we can all see “Australian Government”  on every Government document instead of “Commonwealth”

The two party preferred system is designed to ensure that one of two parties that are working together under direction of the European Union are always on the top step. Two party preferred system is unlawful, a party having more than 25  members is unlawful, a party leader telling our supposed representative  how to vote is unlawful.

The whole system is unlawful.

So… What happened to the “Commonwealth of Australia”? Did the Government have the Authority to change “The Commonwealth of  Australia” to “Australia”?

What is “Australia”?

We should be asking these and many other questions, but first these will do for starters… Well… What happened to the “Commonwealth of Australia” and it’s people? I will try to be as short in my explanation as possible based on what I have discovered mostly on my own, but I have been helped by some very dedicated Australians that we should all be proud of…

In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II succeeded the Rightful Crown after the Death of King George VI, At her Coronation she basically Swore her oath to a different “Realm” where the “Commonwealth of Australia” was excluded but  “Australia” was included… This and The “Royal Styles and Titles Act,  1953” Got the ball rolling.

In 1972 when Gough Whitlam became Prime Minister, himself, Lance Barnard, being two Members of an unlawful Political Party, (no party can exceed 25 members) This political party had it’s own Constitution and policies, (Agenda) they were sworn in by Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck into 27 Portfolios of a ministry of two and being inside a
Federal Executive Council with a quorum of three, they made numerous decisions (Around 40) and draft regulations for an “Australian” system of government, it was actually a three-man government, (quorum of three), because it unlawfully included the Governor-General or his representative.

Sir Paul Hasluck as Governor-General attended all meetings of the Federal Executive Council and participated in all decision-making and was thus effectively the third member of the first Whitlam government. Caucus elected the full Ministry on 18 December and the 27 ministers were sworn in the next day. ”

Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck, as a Governor-General in Council, should act only with the advice of the Federal Executive Council, so should NOT have been the third member of the Federal Executive Council  and should NOT have been part of the “Australian” government formed in  1972 under Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

Sir Paul Hasluck had NO Crown and Constitutional authority to swear in a Prime Minister and a Deputy Prime Minister, let alone into 27 Portfolios as a ministry of two. the word “Prime Minister” does not even exist in the Founding and Primary “Law of the Commonwealth of Australia”, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901,

Sir Paul Hasluck broke many laws… The main one being that he committed personation. (impersonated the GG)

He unconstitutionally included himself in the Federal Executive Council  which sat as an unconstitutional quorum of three, (three-man government)
He unconstitutionally participated in decision-making as third member of the first Whitlam government;
He swore in Caucus’s full “Australian” Ministry on 18th December 1972;and without Authority he Sealed documents with a “Great Seal of Australia”
He unlawfully and unconstitutionally helped create and give false accent to “laws of Australia”
He gave unlawful assent to every Bill put before him and passed them all under an “Australian” system of government, intended from the commencement of 1973 to become a “law of Australia” with the unconstitutional enacting manner and form of:-

“BE IT ENACTED by the Queen, the Senate and the House of Representatives
of Australia”.

Now I have to go back to that very last bit… Most people wouldn’t have noticed that it missed the words… “the  Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty” and “of the Commonwealth” A Foreign Government was formed under WHITLAM, Passed and enacted in the Foreign Parliament, by their own patron Queen ( Royal Style and Titles  Act 1973 ) with NO land, NO subjects, NO authority, and NO seal.  Absolutely NOTHING

ACTS INTERPRETATION ACT 1973 No. 79 of 1973.
Deleted “Government of the Commonwealth of Australia” Created “Australian Government” Corporation. Also created their own Gazette. Also removed other definitions such as “Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia” to be replaced by the corporation called “ Australian parliament”.

Australian Citizenship Act 1973 Act No.99 of 1973 Removing the term “British Subjects” and thus changing and forcing  “Australian Citizen” into thier corporate Government with a seal of no authority.This took away our protection under the Queen by removing the term “British subjects” The people were not meant to have noticed that, but how many of us know about this stuff?

When did the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia agree changing “the Commonwealth of Australia” under the Crown of the United Kingdom and under the Constitution established and prescribed in the Founding and Primary “Law of the Commonwealth of Australia”, (the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901), under a Constitutional Monarchy, to “Australia”? They never agreed, in fact we didn’t even know it had already happened… we were asked in 1999 if we wanted a change (Republic) but the people said no… so the government could not hide the fact that they already did it…

Did The Government Have the Authority to make all these changes?  

Of course not…
Is that Treason? yes it is…
Are we not all still the “Commonwealth of Australia” subjects?
No, we were taken out of that “Realm” by stealth, without a choice or
knowledge unlawfully and criminally.
And the people never agreed to being ruled by a foreign Government?
(Australian Government)

What about Local Government ?   HISTORY LESSON – Prior to 1900, the States were all independent, under British military law. Those independent states had interstate agreements for trade, etc under the Federal Councils of Australasia Act 1855. As free settlers began to grow in number, the People decided to unite under one form of government. Ten years of conventions and referendums held 1898–1900 culminated in the Draft Constitution of the People which went to England for ratification.  On July 9 1900, Queen Victoria signed the amended draft Constitution and returned it to Australia.  It was approved by the people and The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) was brought into Australian law on 1st January 1901 and became the Founding and Primary law for all States and Governments, Courts, Police and People, over and above anything in previous State laws.Section 109 removes the “anything” and everything whatsoever in any previous regarding local councils being any part of government. They remain to this day as private ABN companies – nothing more.   Section 109 also nullifies any following “laws” in any State contrived “Local Gov’t Act,” (none of which have been lawfully proclaimed nor gazetted nor approved by Referendum, including the notorious Australia Act 1986.) THIS IS SPELLED OUT CLEARLY IN – 9a of the Acts interpretation Act 1954 which is still current. 
In the 1999 Referendum,  we the people also voted to remain a Constitutional Monarchy We are not a democracy (mobocracy).  A lynch mob, is a democracy – the majority wants to hang the minority.   But above all is God’s law in the KJV 1611.

So what is “Australian citizen”?

An Australian Citizen has no rights because as far as the Government is
concerned… you are a “PERSON” or an “individual” when it comes to taxes.

So What is a “PERSON”?
What is an “INDIVIDUAL”?

We need to look at what is a “PERSON” and “INDIVIDUAL”, I use the Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition, I use that particular edition because it still has the correct meaning of the “legalese” words as they were intended… more recent editions were changed to hide the true legal meaning of the words.

Both “PERSON” and “INDIVIDUAL” is anything but a man or woman according to the Legal definition, a person is a Corporation, by just about every definition, Individual is pretty much the same.

The “PERSON” was Created by the “BIRTH CIRTIFICATE”
The Australian Government Controls your “Person” and everything your “Person” will ever do… your children are “Wards of the State” and you are just the minder… don’t believe me? do some research… and the evidence is in plain sight… you only have to open your eyes…
Since when should anybody, even a Government have the right to force any parent to have their children immunised or take children away for any reason… the answer to that is parents give away their rights by consent unwittingly… I will get to a bit later.

So a “PERSON” is a Corporation, A “PERSON” has no rights, not those of a man or woman.

So what does that make “Australia”?
Well use your imagination… my perception is that “Australia” is a Fictitious place with real consequences if you step out of line. A place with hundreds of fake laws designed to keep you on a tight leash or take your hard earned or freedom.
A place where Common rights and even human rights are being ignored.
A place where real laws are not only ignored by Government but courts
also… oh and police ignore them too…
What we are told and what we see on the mainstream News Networks isn’t always the whole truth, sometimes it’s an outright lie, you only have to look at the alternate sources for information, I’ve learnt that you can’t trust the mainstream news and information, I don’t believe the first version of any story, especially the internet… but eventually you will find trusted sources.

People are just so gullible, especially when it comes to Government and Police, Police are trained to lie, many Police know the truth but cannot speak out due to fear, and can you ever trust a politician? Most in the exclusive club are ex-lawyers, Members of the Bar Society, Something they have to swear allegiance to, also unlawful.

Australian Government is actually what you would call a defacto Government… not our ‘de jure’ Commonwealth of Australia Government, the defacto Australian Government actually has nothing to do with the commonwealth of Australia at all… in fact they are unconstitutional, which means they are UNLAWFUL, which translates to CRIMINAL.

Is this fact really too much for the average Australian to comprehend or understand?
Ask yourself…
When did we agree to be ruled over instead of governing ourselves?
When did we agree to give up our rights as prescribed under Law?
When did the people agree to giving Government authority to make all the changes they have made?
When did we agree to the public assets being sold off to china and other countries?
When did we agree to anything the Government has done or is doing?

The government hasn’t forgotten we are meant to be in charge… they
have hidden the fact. And they want it to stay hidden…

I am already branded a terrorist…
This process actually started with the signing into the U.N. around 1936… they came up with the concept of a “One world Government” but they knew they would have little chance to get the people to agree to drop the democratic systems that had been in place for many years and was working fine… (for the people by the people) Some of us are aware there is some legislation that has very recently or is about to be passed that should concern every Australian…

In short known as The “Espionage Bill 2018”, now sounds like a good thing doesn’t it? well it isn’t… and I’m about to tell you why…
This Bill has come about because there are many Australians like myself that are learning the truth about our Government… I will call them that for the time being even though what they are is a bunch of untouchable (so they think) criminals ruling over every single aspect of our lives and if we step out of line or drive a little too fast we pay,
mostly with the hard earned but some go to jail for the pettiest things…

But back to the point I’m trying to make… this Bill was introduced because the Government does not want the truth getting out so if someone like me possesses something that incriminates or embarrasses the government (Like I indeed do) its 25 years jail, If I speak publicly (as I have and are doing now)… its’ life in jail.

So I thought since I love a challenge and I am also a bit of a trouble maker I better do the right thing and spill the beans before they come get me rather quiver in my boots and say and do nothing like so many others are doing…

If that’s not enough for you to get your head out of your arse and take
a look for your self…  National People’s Commonwealth Flag?

  Aust flag

Now – lets examine the so called Australia Act 1986,
Which was “to bring constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation” (i.e. a republic by stealth) Despite the people “of the Commonwealth”, under Crown and Constitutional authority being entitled to stay living under a Constitutional Monarchy.

Under a progressive evolutionary process, the Constitutional Separation of Powers between the Parliament, Executive and Judiciary, NO longer exists in this country, and will be explained more fully further on, as to how the “Australian Government” under its Australia Act 1986, has the status of the “Commonwealth of Australia” as a “sovereign independent federal nation”, and as to the Company named COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA CIK#: 0000805157 being registered in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia).

There is so much more and I’m happy to share what I have… but be warned, soon it will be 25 years jail just for possessing this info. Life, if you disclose it. If that’s not enough proof you have been swindled out of the “Commonwealth” I don’t know what is.

Every Australian should be very pissed.

They have robbed you and your children of your rightful future. In the “Commonwealth of Australia”…There were no fines for this and that. The Constables were friendly and trustworthy, all they had the power to do was keep the peace, unless you broke one of very few Laws. The Government were under control, did what we wanted to do and actually kept us safe.

But just in case, we were allowed to protect our home and family, without going to jail if you caught someone in your house unlawfully.
Electricity was close to free because we owned it and it wasn’t about profit.
Same with water.
Houses were cheap and affordable, Commonwealth Bank was owned and for the people, no interest loans for housing for some.

The people owned everything in the ground, which payed for hospitals, roads, government, in fact just about everything along with taxes collected from business profits… Think of it as royalties.  So that raises another serious question …

Where does all that money go that was meant to be for the “Commonwealth”?
Who knows really because it doesn’t pay for Government services, Roads and other services does it because the “Australian Government” is pocketing the money and sending it overseas. Borrowing Billions with interest every year just to give it away to
Muslim Countries like Iran, that pay terrorist families.

Australia is in so much debt and it’s growing by the day, I can’t quote an exact figure off the top of my head but its astronomical, and “Australia” is on the verge of bankruptcy, the capital can never be paid back due to the terms, which I also cannot quote, and like all
companies or corporations that go bankrupt there’s an administrator appointed to take care of business.

Who will the administrator be?

Seriously all Aussies should be so angry…

Every Aussie should feel as I do…

We are being well and truly screwed…

All it is going to take is every Aussie to know what is going on…

So that we can not only stop our Rulers from destroying our country, but
also put thing back on the right track.

This thing is happening all around the world many eyes are on us because our country has the best chance of change for the better… then others will follow.

This has to be as quickly as possible…

We are so close to losing this Great country if we do nothing…

Tell your friends and family to take notice of what is happening and to
tell their friends…

Do not underestimate people power…

Do nothing and our work and our ANZACS blood was for nothing…

We owe our children to leave them a bright future, not one of total
unlawful governmental control, A dictatorship if you look at it closely.

We have an obligation to hold Government accountable for their crimes
and that won’t happen if people overlook it.

At the same time you are overlooking your rights being slowly eroded to
where you will have none at all and all trace of the “Commonwealth of
Australia” is gone.

You will find yourself being ruled by a “One world Government”, “New
world Order” that’s if your one of the lucky one’s to get through Agenda
2030 (Formerly Agenda 21).

Now there’s a scary though, one everyone should definitely be made aware of.

I don’t know enough, or well enough, to talk too much about it, but I
know enough to know I don’t like it. And I know enough and have seen enough to know it has already been implemented and enacted.

No seriously, whether you have heard of it before of not, you should
look right into it, just that alone should kick you into action.

WE DON’T NEED TO FIGHT … JUST UNITE UNDER GOD – as per the opening words of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.