45a – Bill Shorten Achievements

Larry Pickering wrote this before he went to heaven. and some pics below

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Did Bill Shorten swap workers’ benefits for union fees? Yes he did.
Did he hide Gillard and Wilson’s theft from his AWU members? Yes he did.
Did he try to hide the HSU fraud? Yes he did.
Did he have Bob Kernohan bashed? Yes he did.
Did he rape a drunk 16 year-old girl? Yes he did.
Did he knife two sitting Labor Prime Ministers? Yes he did.
Did he… oh, I could go on all day, because this bloke has a rap sheet longer than both the Kray brothers combined.

But Bill is not your average crook, he plans very carefully each and every move, right down to how he was going to rape that young girl after getting her drunk. He knew in advance his girlfriend would not be there that night and had arranged who would be sleeping where. Everything Bill does is meticulously planned.

You only get to see the real Bill Shorten when there’s no camera or mike in sight.

His comrades get their hands dirty while he gets the benefits. He ensured employers were as equally culpable when he shafted his workers, so it’s hard to see the TURC nailing him.

You will not see Commissioner Dyson Heydon recommending charges but today, and maybe tomorrow, you will get glimpses of the type of person Bill Shorten really is… and it’s not pretty.

His rise to the top was styled on his hero, Bob Hawke. He too extricated himself from the filth of the union movement to shower and don an Armani suit and red silk tie, ready for the political rough and tumble of Parliament. But Bill is no Bob… and Bill can never be PM.

Many people unexpectedly took a bullet for this man. Those who suffered, suffered in silence for the sake of their beloved union movement… and Bill knew they would.

He has no old friends, only new ones who can never be real ones.

No, you wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with this bloke. He will be the last to go over the top and the last to bare his back to the comrades he bayoneted. But, as with all craven crooks who pretend to be soldiers, they eventually fall back into the trench to die with those they killed.

But Bill’s death will be slower. He will have time to gaze into the glassy eyes of former comrades like Bob Kernohan.

Larry Pickering.






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