66 – DUMBs and Tunnels – Aust and NZ

Dumbs update July 2021


Not sure where this is but it sure looks like one near Kalgoorlie WA 

Along the way to the left and right sides are doors into rooms.

Below is a lot of info 

The space part is not true. You can’t go into space. Nasa’s Wernher von Braun confirmed that on his death bed. Satellites do not go into space. A few satellites are on balloons under the firmament, most communication is land based. Yes we do see things moving across the sky but they are not in space, everything is under the dome.

Part 1

Part 2 


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Tunnels and Technology we don’t know about in Australia?


Huge Tunnel from Western Australia all the way to Papua New Guinea & D.U.M.Bs


Melbourne! Tunnels one of the WORST PLACES on EARTH?! Illuminati on the First Fleet in 1788?


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